Consciousness Will Change the World

-By Paul A. Philips

Consciousness is the biggest threat to the world ruling elite’s oppressive control system.
When the real electricity gets switched on: when the collective human consciousness shift’s its energy from hatred, anger, fear, hopelessness and despair… to love, peace and harmony the world will be transformed.
Sure, we all have our challenges to overcome but when confronted and worked through the related energetic focus will no longer consume us. No longer having a hold on us the energetic shift to another focal point is all it will take to change the world:
The choice of broadcasting love, peace and harmony is up to all of us.
We need to truly realize that we’re living in an illusion and that unconditional, infinite love is all there is.
Then we go beyond the boundaries of the illusion. Those who have answered their spiritual alarm clocks, knowing this they find themselves waking others up to raise the energetic vibration.
-Watch these people awaken in exponential numbers… Instead of rejecting, acting on reflex reaction caused by the mind control and deception, there’s a growing willingness to see beyond the programming.
The momentum to all this has created in effect a runaway positive feedback. -Indeed, momentum promotes momentum.
As a result you see more control, more oppression kicking in from the world’s ruling elite and their associates to try and quash the growing consciousness awakening but it will not stop this momentous runaway train! We’re living in incredible times as we watch the growing transformation.
At times it may look as if it will not happen. That we will be overwhelmed by the ruling elite’s control system, but global transformation will happen care of the power of mass consciousness.
It’s time to put aside our differences and focus on a common goal. It’s amazing what we can achieve together when the chips are down. The co-creation totally depends not on our differences but what we have in common.
As the saying goes, love all the hurt away. Love is the highest power. Love into a state of love! Use love to take a stand against the oppression. Use it to call yourself into action for taking a stand on that which is honest, fair, decent and just.
Do it because you want to have a hand in creating the necessary mass consciousness needed to change the world. Do it because you have a vision and want to see it happen so badly.
As ever, in love, peace and light




World Transformation: 7 Paradigm-Shifting Humanitarian Solutions

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