Commitment - The Key To Achievement

By Paul A Philips



Commitment and achievement: Want do you intend to achieve? I suggest that you read this article and relate it to what you intend to achieve. That way you will indeed get a lot more out of this article. Could this article provide the edge on what’s needed for you to produce the results? 


The ‘nuts and bolts’ that make up the art and science of achievement would seriously be incomplete if commitment was not taken into consideration and focussed on. 


Life manifests as a consequence of ‘where you are at.’ If you are not really where it’s at with the area of commitment in whatever you intend to achieve in life then don’t expect for it to happen. Think of some of the things you tried to achieve in life that did not work out. 


Notice any patterns? 


How about these: 


-Truthfully you didn’t really put your intentions into it. 

-If someone had offered you something like 1000 for completing the simplest of tasks along the way towards what it was you had intended for achievement you would have done those things… 


-You didn’t make unreasonable demands on yourself when required to. Like for example, staying up overnight to get something completed… 


-Maybe either out of habit or just unwillingly you weren’t prepared to make some of the sacrifices needed. 


-Not achieving, you may have ended up giving a number of reasons (excuses?) why it couldn’t be done… making yourself, in a way, a victim of circumstance. 


When someone doesn’t achieve what they set out to it can have the effect of reinforcing the same lack of commitment and habits related to the above list the next time round: To reiterate, the more this is done, the more this is reinforced each time, making it even less likely that something will be achieved the next time and so on. 


The shift from ‘victim to victor’


The shift from victim to victor comes from the recognition and application of the power of commitment. When you create your intensions, what’s needed is a commitment to being a person of your word. 


It’s simple but highly effective. Work out the steps that need to be done along the way to your achievement. Accomplish each of these steps by having a commitment and being a person of your word.


-Just how committed do you need to be? 


The anatomy for this structure of achievement is the opposite of the above reasons why you didn’t achieve. When practiced it becomes stronger and easier along the way. 


Real commitment produces the shift necessary for achievement making the achiever no longer a victim but a victor!