The Keys to Success Integrity and Non-Victimhood

-By Paul A. Philips

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The keys to success is the consequence of being a certain type of person. Sure, we can be aware that success is related to a number of major factors such as commitment, intention and the ‘never give up’ attitude… but there are 2 other factors that many people in their attempts to achieve something or try to make their lives work either don’t give enough attention to or may give no consideration to whatsoever.
These 2 major factors are the keys to success: Keys to life workability and I would not guarantee success to anyone if they chose to ignore them.
Without these 2 major factors: 1. Integrity and 2. Non-victimhood a person’s life will either not work at all or success may be limited.
For example, success may come their way initially but breakdowns will follow.

Keys to success - The 2 major factors

1. Integrity
As I’ve said in previous articles truth, honesty and integrity is the bricks and mortar that holds together life workability. Let’s take a look at this.
For instance, those using lies and deception to further their advancement may well be successful having achieved something and gained power, but these are only short-term payoffs. Eventually, karma, the nature of cause and effect will catch up with them: As the saying goes, ‘what goes round comes round’ and they will have to suffer the long-term costs for what they’ve done.
Many people fail to see why they keep having breakdowns in their lives. One of the reasons is because many breakdowns manifest in such a way that one cannot see or understand how they are related to an earlier outness of integrity.
Life’s breakdowns not only follow on as a consequence of an outness of integrity. There is another reason for breakdowns. That other reason is victimhood.
2. Non-victimhood
Life manifests as a result of where we are at consciously. So to avoid breakdowns we need to operate on a level of consciousness (thoughts, feelings, emotions…) that takes us away from victimhood and into non-victimhood.
Unfortunately, globally, there are so many people on the level of victimhood. No wonder we have a world that isn’t working…
For a transformational shift people as individuals and in groups need to focus on where they are consciously at and make the necessary changes needed to change from victim to victor. -This is the only way transformation and success can occur. This is where the revolution of consciousness is at.
Keys to success – Making those changes
The only person that can change yourself is YOU. All the coaching, advice and support in your relationships, projects, and targets for accomplishment… can only make a difference if you take that advice and make the necessary changes for success with your own self.
What changes do you need to make related to integrity and non-victimhood to make sure of your success?

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