Big Pharma “Vaccine” De-Pop Psy-Op – 4 Pieces Of Evidence Confirming Mass Murder for Money

-By Paul A. Philips
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As the years have gone by since the so-called COVID-19 heydays, the effectiveness and authenticity of the “vaccine” has had some major challenges.


Further, there is mounting evidence proving that this so-called vaccine has caused much serious harm.


-In retrospect of this, here are just 4 pieces of incontrovertible evidence to confirm that the Big Pharma vaccine world depopulation psy-op is mass murder for money.


  1. Pfizer proudly reported record profits


Not so long-ago Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla announced year-on-year record breaking revenues in access of $100 billion. He claimed that patients have a positive perception of Pfizer…”

-The PR effrontery propaganda machine must have been out in full swing to get a “positive perception,” hiding the fact that those record revenues have been made from a mass murdering vaccine.


Pfizer have known this for some time. Pfizer’s own leaked internal documents reported increasing world-wide morbidity versus mortality due to their harmful vaccine. However, they continue to push the vaccine…


How long will their propaganda machine coverup the obvious: That they continue to get away with it because money is stronger than truth and genuine welfare concern?? Where are the Nuremburg trials (no informed consent) for these people and their Big Pharma vaccine? 


For more on this, I strongly encourage you to watch and circulate this eye-opening excellent video with Professor Michel Chossudovsky and Caroline Mailloux. 

Michel Chossudovsky - Pfizer: Death Vs Profits Lux Média
  1. Roberta Speranza, ex-health minister for the Italian government finds himself under investigation on homicide charges


Yet another piece of evidence disclosing political corruption at the highest levels in government: From the very beginning, damning internal emails have exposed Speranza’s knowledge and complicity in the Big Pharma vaccine for so-called COVID that was not only seriously injuring and maiming, but also killing people in the many thousands.


-Speranza had a hand in keeping this information under wraps, allowing the Big Pharma vaccine profit machine to continue unabated, while lying; encouragingly telling the public that the vaccines were “safe and effective.” At the same time making the vaccination programme mandatory for those in certain professional-related groups such as policemen and teachers.


Nicola Magrini ex-AIFA (Italian drug authority) director is also facing investigation.


The investigations of both Speranza and Magrini are in the registry, investigative records of the Rome Prosecutor’s Office.


  1. Philippines Unexplained deaths


Lawmakers in the Philippines had voted for and passed a resolution to look into the 260,000-plus unexplained post-vaccine related deaths during 2021. This resolution had also included an investigation into the 67,000 excess unexplained post-vaccine deaths for 2022.


Then, a day later, lo and behold, the lawmakers and their building got destroyed by a massive earthquake (HAARP?) …!


-Now tell me you can’t see the elephant in the room??

Big Pharma vaccine-iNewParadigm-4
  1. The England study – More death sentences in the name of Big Pharma profits


Government health Studies from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) shockingly revealed that since the past 2 years one million deaths have occurred for the fully-vaccinated for COVID. This compares with only 61,000 deaths for the unvaccinated in England.


The extent of the vaccine’s deadliness is further highlighted when considering that 30% of the country’s population had not received one single dose of the COVID vaccine. That means these death figures produced a ratio of 1 unvaccinated to 3 vaccinated (one or more doses).


-So much for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) advisory chanting/touting the “safe and effective” mantra when advising the public on the COVID Big Pharma vaccine.

Further, in summary, data from the UKHSA’s England study also showed that:


* The more COVID vaccine doses offered over time the higher the number of refusals.

In effect this meant that out of the 63.4 million eligible population, 18.9 million said no to the 1st jab. Then, 21.5 million in total said no to the 2nd. Then, 30.4 million in total said no to the 3rd


* It was staggering to find that out of the all the COVID deaths, 95% had been vaccinated (one jab or more).


* 80% of the 95% deaths were attributed to those who had been administered a 4th jab.


-This is more evidence showing that these vaccines are tied in with increased mortality as they are systematically killing people. No wonder this appalling circumstance has been called the “Pandemic of the vaccinated.”


Are we ever going to see the day when the government will put a stop to this by discontinuing the Big Pharma vaccine?


Details breaking down the data for this study can be found here.


In Reflection


While these 4 pieces of evidence represent the many, many examples of corporate indiscriminate self-interest, mass media spin, political corruption, mandates/coercions… when it comes to the Big Pharma vaccine, it has to be realized that there is a bigger picture at work:


-The Globalist’s are the ones responsible for and overseeing the vaccine mass murder programme as it ties in with their world-depopulation agenda. For we-the-people, we need to hold those responsible to accountability.


In anticipation of the next globalist’s fake disease psy-op for world depopulation through a toxic Big Pharma vaccine; preparedness, mass refusal to cooperate and accountability are imperatives to counter this genocide.