COVID-19 Coronavirus - 20 Truth-Seeking Questions EVERYONE Should Be Asking

-By Paul A. Philips

-Or how about the Emperor’s new virus??

This article may be asking some of you to think the unthinkable. Consider this. Some are saying that ultimately, the COVID-19 coronavirus situation is a deception; a deliberately overblown threat, secretly orchestrated by those in high places for a worldwide power grab.


That the fake narrative needs your participation for you to fall for the deception: It requires you to obediently unquestioningly accept the opinion of authority and go into sheep-like agreement with the general consensus of the masses. 


Is this claim new to you? Or have you had more than a nagging suspicion that the official COVID-19 coronavirus narrative is a monumental deception?


For the consideration of protecting you, your family and friends, here at least are 20 soul-searching, truth-seeking questions EVERYONE should be asking right now: 

1 In the runup to the covid-19 outbreak, do you think that the October 2019 meeting in New York with the World Economic Forum involving the handling of a fictional coronavirus pandemic can be written off as mere coincidence?


2.How can we be sure that there has been or is a pandemic when initially, the seasonal flu-like deaths for 2020 had not been that different to 2019, and are only average figures in comparison to previous recent years?


3.In support of the above, did you know that a number of health professionals have stated that the COVID-19 coronavirus has never been properly isolated, tested and proven; casting doubt not only on the existence of a pandemic, but the disease itself?

4.In light of the 3 above, have we been played, when where’s the justification for the said illegal and disproportionately drastic action related to the lockdown, enforced by dim-bulb politicians through ill-advice from scientists and their now-proven patently fraudulent computer model prediction?


5.Who said that we must be 2 metres apart from each other? The 2-metre social distancing rule has no rational scientific basis. Anyone who’s taken the trouble to look at a biology/microbiology textbook would have learnt that disease transmission can occur over 2, 10, or 100’s of metres, or even miles!!

6.Did you know that a number of health journals have recommended that masks should not be worn by healthy people during outbreak situations because of their ineffectiveness and downright unhealthiness? Considering their frequent/long-term use, the reasons are that:


(i) Masks are ineffective. Even if you believe in the virus theory (I don’t) trying to stop a viral particle using a mask is like using chicken wire to prevent mosquitoes. The mask’s smallest mesh/pore size is around 5,000 times greater than a viral particle.


(ii) In any situation good ones such as N95 (pore size) masks are ineffective if they don’t properly wrap around the contours of the face. For examples, this could occur when worn on beards, or those who fiddle with the mask, breaking the seal, causing air leaks… 


(iii) The area between the mask inner-wall and mouth surface provides a warm hotbed for introducing pathogenic microbial infection causing sores to the skin.

(iv) Masks have the potential to cause unhealthiness such as respiratory illnesses and heart problems (see the warnings supplied by the manufacturer!).


The mask seal causes breathing resistance, making it more difficult to breathe. This can cause breathlessness (suffocation) through an unhealthy build-up of CO2:


The exhaled CO2 re-enters the respiratory system with every inhalation which lacks the needed O2 supply that would normally be available from the atmosphere without the mask seal.


7.Is social distancing and isolation microbiology for dunces considering it has been well-established that these actions only slow down the rate of the disease and its spread throughout a community? 


8.Did you know that your immune system is now weaker because it has not been put to the test like it would when normally mixing with the community? 

9.Further, on the long-term, have you also realized that that the enforced lockdown has been grossly counterproductive resulting in more harm than good? As a consequence of the lockdown which has caused economic collapse from a so-called disease that has been said to have no more effect than the flu, consider the:


  • Rises in mass suicides due to debt problems related to bankruptcy and unemployment.


  • Deaths caused by late diagnoses and hospital admission refusals for those needing life-saving treatment. For example, consider the UK National Health Service who now face law suites.


  • Increased domestic violence.


  • Increased suicides and deaths due to depression through stress, self-isolation and loneliness.


  • Mass starvation. Resulting famine in the breakdowns of supply chains. 

10.Did you know that only 0.02% of healthy people are said to have died of covid-19? 


11.Did you know that when questioned, a panel of 100 plus doctors said that if it were up to each and every one of them they would give the okay to resume life back to normal as before the coronavirus? 


12.Have you been aware of the unjustified mass media hype and fearmongering, using such embellished headlines as “COVID-19 Coming for You Next.,” with all its propagandist medical advice, and then there’s the false debunking, character assassinating and silencing of those that go against the official narrative..? 


13.There has been clear evidence of death certificate manipulation; funeral directors, coroners and doctors… have been told to add on a test positive for COVID-19 when the real causes of death could have been attributed to common illnesses alone such as heart disease. Doesn’t this indicate that certain people in high places want you to believe in the falsely elevated COVID-19 deaths?


14.Further, did you know that the PCR (polymerize chain reaction) test used for COVID-19 testing is wildly inaccurate and can produce false positives? Its originator/inventor biochemist Carey Mullis strongly recommended that PCR alone should not be used to confirm test-positives for viruses. 


15.There are certain individuals in high places who would love to see the whole world human population vaccinated (against COVID-19) as they would stand to make trillion$, but did you know that vaccinations are hugely flawed?


Don’t fall for the medical propaganda. Vaccines: 


(i) Have been known to cause more harm than good. Harms such as the crippling and death of children… Vaccine damages are blacked out from being reported by the Big Pharma owned, controlled and sponsored mainstream media. 


(ii) Contain unproven, unjustified invasive poisons such as dead foetal cells, carboxylic acids, formaldehyde, heavy metals like mercury… 

(iii) May cause the very disease that they’re supposed to vaccinate against. 


(iv) Have no experimental evidence for their efficacy. No data comparing the control group (non-vaccinated) against the experimental group (vaccinated) where the latter should indicate at least a 5% level of effectiveness compared to the controls. 


(v) May be useless because viruses mutate and are able to survive. 

(vi) Are based on the acceptance of the flawed unproven germ theory (yes, only a theory!). It has been said that viruses don’t come from outside of the body, but from the inside. They are the result of the body producing ejected particles from the body’s cells (exocytosis of viral particles) into the intercellular fluid and then removed as an attempt to heal itself. In other words, viruses are not microorganisms. It should therefore not be called infection but out-fection, for want of a word… 


(vii) Are capable of altering our DNA.


16.Has the effective hydroxychloroquine treatment been ignored because it is an alternative (competitor?) to Big Pharma’s money-spinning vaccine business? 


17.Will there be more lockdowns in future, based on new circumstances and unfavourable conditions that we must accept, such as the following? 


(i) Mandatory vaccinations. 

(ii) Real-time tracking applications monitoring our every move, (COVID-1984 Big Brother is watching you scam-demic, used under the guise of the fight against a deliberately exaggerated fake disease to get our compliance). 


(iii) A cashless society


(iv) A society divided and ruled: Using unjust ridicule and heavy-handed suppression on those with different views to the official narrative…


18.Isn’t it clear by now that this has never been about health, nothing to do with compassion and caring, looking after your best interests at heart, NO, it’s about control: New World Order control and takeover?


19.Are you going to accept this post-pandemic world as the new normal? 


20.For further reading, have you considered that this virus has a number of common denominators related to a false flag disease?


-That concludes my 20 questions, but yes, there are many more, so question EVERYTHING for the protection of you, your family and friends:


In light of the above, will you push back, are you a lion or a sheep?