7 Ways to Distract You from the New World Order Agenda

-By Paul A. Philips

New World Order-iNewParadigm
New world Order: iNewParadigm Blog Feature. Those in the know are well aware that the encroaching New World Order agenda is escalating at a phenomenal rate. But likewise, so indeed are people waking up in accelerating numbers to the realization of the New World Order agenda and how they’re enslaved.
In their attempts to stop this increasing realization and avoid getting overwhelmed by the backlash of awakened people the powers that shouldn’t be have put into motion a number of social engineering programmes serving as distractions to divert your attention away from you realizing that things are not right in the world.
These distractions have a limited number of recurring patterns. So watch out for the patterns in the following 7 ways that serve to distract you from waking up to the realization of the New world Order (NWO) enslavement agenda.
1. ‘Bread and circuses’
‘Bread and circuses’ is a figure of speech that was used in ancient Rome. The Roman Empire knew that most of the populace were in apathy on politics. So to keep them pacified, gain favour, win votes, particularly from those in the lower classes since there were so many, the Roman Empire would dole out free food and organize circus games as entertainment for the ulterior motives of gaining political power and distraction used to stop the populace from waking up to the realization of the political unrest.
This has been compared to what’s going on today in many countries: Social welfare bread and money handouts serve to gain favour, to get the populace to become more dependent on their governments, win voter support, while serving as deliberate distraction from the realization that things are not right.
2. Entertainment and entrainment
Indeed, today’s modern-day circuses have taken on a different variety compared to the blood and battle entertainment made for the masses in ancient Rome. All of course designed to distract the ignorant masses and keep them in their zombie state…
Nowadays, we have the masses so fixated on reality TV, celebs, talent shows, game shows, soap operas, sports games and meaningless You-Tube videos or social media… they fail to see how they’re being distracted from important domestic or international issues which could affect them and their loved ones. Well, who needs to be informed when you can be entertained?!
-All indeed part of the social engineering entrainment programme implemented by the powers that shouldn’t be.
3. Rule and Divide
There couldn’t be a better example of rule and divide than the case of the political circus. Election campaigns are nothing more than distractions, farcical with a capital F. All that side taking with the opposing points of view over parties are meaningless because the real dead elephant in the living room issue/concern is never addressed: Republocrat in the USA or Lib-Lab-Dem in the UK, they’re all the same. These political parties are heavily financed and backed by the powers that shouldn’t be. So whoever wins the elections and gets in office will only be there to follow the awful NWO agenda dictated to them by their masters the powers that shouldn’t be which will mean your government implementing policies that will further restrict your freedom.
More and more of us are realizing this. However, many still fall for choosing one of these political parties because they offer you some policy or payoff like a small tax reduction in your favour (remember ‘Bread and circuses’).This short-term payoff will be outweighed by the far, far greater long-term cost for having elected one of these parties with their crooked politicians in office to see the New World Order agenda through…
4. Externalise matters
Another distracter factor used by the political circus ringmasters of the world is to ‘externalise matters.’ I’ll explain with an example:
In times of warfare the military is sent out to occupy another country to deal with a made up ‘crisis’ as in the case of Syria a few years ago. Help of the powers that shouldn’t be this allows the orchestrators to externalize matters: With all that time, money and attention focussed on a far away foe, it distracts the American people’s attention away from focussing on internal matters such as their country’s astronomical debt problems, poor economy, high unemployment…
-The exaggeration or invention of terrorism is another distracter factor used to externalize matters…and why not create a few related wars that will last for decades, after all, that should further crush the national debt..??
5. The imaginary bogeymen
An imaginary bogeyman can be either a made up, fabricated or exaggerated person, group, thing or phenomenon. They’re all used to distract the masses ultimately for power, profit and political gain in line with the New World Order agenda.
As already mentioned terrorist groups and their bogeyman perpetrators are either non-existent, greatly exaggerated or fabricated like the secretly state sponsored ISIS. Ask yourself how come is it that ISIS never attacks Israel..?
The human caused global warming threat is a non-existent bogeyman which requires people to make sacrifices such as paying up carbon tax. Once again, in effect, this is a distraction to take people’s attention away from the real problems of the world and ulterior motives.
Other imaginary bogeymen distractions include fake diseases for mass medication, deliberate secret financial manipulation and the overpopulation myth. Overpopulation only exists in concentrated areas. For example, the UK out of its 60 million acres only 3 million is overpopulated (mostly in cities). So what indeed about the remaining 57 million acres?? Typically, this proportion reflects other Western World countries…
6. Tail chasing
The invention of the monetary system during ancient times has since then seen countless numbers of individuals spend their days working away for the promise of reaching their rainbow’s end in the form of rich financial reward, but it seldom happens. So this also serves as distraction, stopping people from devoting their time to creating a world that makes a difference to everyone…
7. New Age or Woke gobbledygook
It’s simple really. The modus operandi behind New Age gobbledygook is to get you to accept falsehoods. False paradigms and false ideas with all those false wannabe gurus and spin merchants, designed to render you useless in terms of doing something effective about the encroaching NWO…
In conclusion
That concludes my 7 ways that serve to distract you from waking up to the realization of the NWO enslavement agenda. My whole point about writing this is to encourage you to do your own research related to this, learn to discern and spread the word to others so that like you they don’t become the effect of the enslavement agenda!
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