7 Things To Show That You Are An Aware and Awakened Person!

-By Paul A. Philips

Awakened: -I’ll get straight to it. Conscious, aware and awakened people:
1. Live creative planned lives
Instead of going about life not knowing what to do, wasting time on things that are unimportant, or doing work that they just happened to fall into and don’t want to do… conscious, aware and awakened people live creative planned lives. They’re doing things that they’ve chosen, consistent with what is fulfilling and nurturing… and has some end product which achieves something.
2. Express gratitude daily
Love the very antithesis of fear shines a guiding light on life’s darkest pathways. When love is expressed in the form of gratitude, its transformational power with happiness rewards, it takes some beating and is greatly underestimated. Many conscious people have listed the things that they are truly grateful for and express their appreciation for these things daily.
3. …Are health conscious
What’s the point in owning a house, car, great pension and savings account with all the family and friends you want around you and in your life when you’re not healthy enough to reap the benefits of these things?
Yes, conscious, aware and awakened people recognise that the most important thing of all is their health.
Good health exists in the way of having a diet based on organic, natural and wholesome food. Preferable a roughly 80% raw food diet is recommended. Drink adequate intakes of good clean water (no chemical treated or laced tap or plastic bottled supplies).
Avoid environmental toxins wherever possible, have a happy, upbeat, positive outlook on life and exercise regularly,
-These are the essentials to good health.
Being Yourself-iNewParadigm
4. See a bigger picture
Instead of readily going into agreement with the general consensus of the masses or authority figures conscious, aware and awakened people learn to discern and think for them self: In doing so they may see a bigger picture.
Consequentially they see things from the perspective of where they can make an impact on the world by getting peacefully active… be it through health, environmental or political concerns… Attempting to bring health into where there’s unhealthy suffering, integrity into environmental destruction, peace where there’s war, abundance where there’s poverty… etc.
5. Are prepared
Aware of the bigger picture, having knowledge of the world’s woes and instabilities; the possibility of world war 3, civil unrest, or economic collapse… etc they’re prudently prepared. If the dam bursts then preppers will be looked upon as the saving grace, having some weeks supply of food, fuel and if needed alternative energy or any other provisions to carry on with before things return to somewhat normality…
6. Show acts of kindness
…Having a listening for their heart. Hearing that inner voice and inner being that tells them to do specific things in their lives they show acts of kindness.
The greatest achievement that humankind could ever do is to unselfishly live a life that contributes to others, period.
-The benefits from both the contributor and receiver as a result of having contributed are enormous. This is the key to planetary transformation.
7. Live life as an inquiry and cultivate spirituality
Living life as an enquiry means staying in that state of curiosity. Conscious, aware and awakened people intuitively know that there is more to existence than the illusory material world.
As part and parcel of their personal growth, self improvement and inspiration they will try an explore some of that vast infinity making up existence in various ways,
Cultivating your inner work manifests peace.
In conclusion
It is hoped that this all-too-brief overview of what it means to be conscious has served as a guidepost to inspire transformation and have great life!