Will There Be A Worldwide Cyborg Robot Takeover?

-By Paul A. Philips

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Robot takeover: Not long ago history Professor Yuval Noah Harari at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem made world-wide headlines with his bold prediction that human beings ‘will become god-like cyborgs within 200 years.’
Harari argues that cybernetics and its related bio-technology such as genetic engineering for cybernetic enhancement will only be obtainable if you are wealthy, causing the gap between the rich and the poor to widen.
He went on to say that as a consequence the poor will sooner or later die out, leaving the richest to become immortal cyborgs who will inherit the Earth.
Like others in support of the transhumanism agenda Harari claims that the merging of man with machine will be the greatest leap in the evolution of mankind since life began.

Robot Takeover - Implications?

-Whatever your points of view regarding a robot takeover, the transhumanism agenda with its related changes have well and truly arrived. Artist Neil Harbisson became officially recognised in 2004 as a cyborg. Harbisson’s photo in his approved UK passport shows where he has a permanently fixed antenna. 


Colour-blind at birth he can only see the world in black, white and grey. So, an antenna was implanted surgically into his skull enabling him to pick up the different frequencies related to colour. In other words, he can ‘hear the different colours’ thus telling them apart.


Further, his new sensing enables him to hear phone calls that go directly into his skull. 


As far back as 1998, Kevin Warwick, Professor of cybernetics, had a device implanted in his arm that created a direct link to a computer via his nervous system, enabling him to remote-control the heating, lighting and computing nearby.


In the meantime, DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency) has made an implant device that enables a robot arm/hand to be controlled through the patient’s conscious volition. S


Successful experiments have shown that these robotic limbs can also receive sensory input, allowing information to be collected on the world surrounding with which the patient can act on accordingly. 


Google engineering director Ray Kurzweil, a major transhumanism promulgator, believes that humanity is heading towards what he calls the one God-like ‘singularity’ where artificial intelligence will transcend human ability… 


Kurzweil believes that as more and more technology is incorporated into humans through the use of genetic engineering, nanotechnology and cybernetics… giving rise in artificial intelligence, we may become intelligent cyborgs with memory cloud sharing while exponentially increasing brain capacity. Memory cloud sharing technology is currently being developed. 


‘Dangerous Things’ a company led by CEO Amal Graafstra have converted 100’s of customers into cyborgs. These people have paid around $40 to become device implanted, allowing their bodies to be connected to surrounding devices. For instance, hand implants can login to a computer or be used to start motor cycles… 


Like other promulgators of the robot takeover transhuman agenda Graafstra argues that through bio-hacking human evolvement into cyborgs will only be a matter of time; it’s an inevitable progression. 


Then there’s the DARPA creation of super soldiers genetically engineered for having certain characteristic advantageous on the battle field… Could the advantages of this be outweighed by unpredicted uncontrollable situations resulting from the humans merged with potentially lethal hi-tech weapons? What about the effect on civilians…?


As rapid developments in biotechnology and artificial intelligence continue Professor Yuval Harari predicts that we could be the last generation of Homo sapiens. Others have made the point that underlying human ability and fitness is still required to incorporate any enhancements that could make us super cyborgs… 


So, to answer the question, will there be a worldwide cyborg robot takeover?

Well, many think that humankind’s emergence into cyborgs is possible and as for the cyborg takeover, let’s just say we’ve yet to see it happen.


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