Why I Would Recommend Choosing Organic Food

-By Paul A. Philips

Organic Food for good Health

Don’t begrudge the extra money; it’s worth it when considering your health. Here are my ten reasons for going organic food:

1. Organic food crop is grown naturally, free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other cocktails of poisonous chemicals. For example, an apple not organically grown can have something like 25 different chemicals on its skin, even when washed.
2. The nutrition value is something like 50% higher than intensively farmed food: Higher vitamin, mineral, enzyme and micro-nutrient content being the factors.
3.  Saying no to GMO food is something I highly recommend for three reasons:
a) Considerations to safety. Particularly the long-term effects are yet to be determined and are potentially dangerous. Food companies and their research and development have not invested enough time and money on this.
b) Natural occurring food has higher nutrition value and
c) Companies that genetically modify will own the crop (patents). In other words, that which is naturally belonging to Mother Earth could become property of some greedy corporation.
Think about the serious implications here…
Choosing organic can be your way of saying no to  GMO.               
4. Intensively farmed animals are frequently given a wide range of chemical cocktails such as antibiotics, hormones like bovine growth hormone (BGH), anti-parasite drugs… and other medications. These noxious substances remain in the animals when they are killed and turned into food produce for human consumption. The same applies to dairy food.
5.  Organically raised animals are at a far lesser risk of becoming diseased and passing on the contamination to humans after they have been killed for consumption.
For example, there were no BSE cases reported in organically raised cows.
6. Many people such as myself think that organic food tastes nicer.
7. Organic farming is more conducive to nature. It produces a greater diversity of life and is more flourishing.
8. There is a far less chance of animal diseases such as BSE occurring on organic farmlands, which can be quite costly.
9. There have been far higher cases of illness on intensive farms amongst its workers. This has been related to the agrochemicals used. Therefore, choosing organic farm produce supports a healthier option, not only for the animals but also for its workers.
10. Organic food farmland is safer for the public at large to visit 

The 4 Vital Factors that support Good Health

-Paul A. Philips

As you can see from the illustration opposite, there are 4 vital factors that provide good health and contribute to the prevention of disease.
I wouldn’t guarantee the good health of anyone that chooses not to pay heed to all 4 factors.
…So here is a brief overview of each vital factor… see more
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