Vitamin C and the Prevention of Stress

-By Paul A. Philips

Vitamin C - Stress Handling

Vitamin C in relation to handling stress – What happens during stress?


Instead of the dietary supply of vitamin C going in to the body’s normal metabolic pathways, some or much, depending on the circumstances is diverted and used in the handling of stress.


This stress situation could demand so much vitamin C that it may deprive the body’s normal metabolic pathways of an adequate supply.


If this occurs then it could lead to a deficiency and then an illness.

Examples of the type of stress situation leading to vitamin C depletion and illness could be:


Physical: Being cold and wet burdens the body and demands its homeostatic mechanism to maintain a normal temperature…

All this requires vitamin C and could lead to a failure in maintaining our immune system without a normal supply of this nutrient. –This is how we can catch colds or flu.
Mental: During mental stress, the sympathetic nervous system responses for action are switched on as a way of coping. This involves the ‘fight or flight’ mechanisms; a rise in adrenalin, increased heart rate, faster blood flow to the brain and muscles, higher sugar levels and dilated pupils… This demands vitamin C. If there is depletion in the supply of vitamin C to the metabolic pathways because of this stress reaction then illness can result. -Frequently being stressed can lead to illnesses such as cardiovascular disease due to the long-term depletion of vitamin C.
Some solutions…
Bear in mind that there are critiques of the vitamin C solution. They say that it does not work as a cure. But the reason for this is because they have not used a high enough dosage in their experiments. –There was a quote made by Dr Linnus Pauling. He basically that said that physicians seem to forget how the careful and correct dosage should equally apply to vitamins as well as medicine for their effectiveness.
Try the Google search and you will find a number of extremely useful websites providing the solution for curing the common cold by using high harmless doses of vitamin C. I have tried it myself and it has worked for me.
On these websites, there are some good guidelines given on taking the right doses of vitamin C with plenty of studies and case testimonies in support of its effectiveness in preventing and curing a whole range of ailments.
Disk herniation or stress on the back
Intervertebral disks exist in between the backbones. They cushion the backbones during movement, acting as shock absorbers. 
Due to excessive wear and tear and a lack of vitamin C, the outer surrounding of the intervertebral disk becomes less tough and worn, forming pinholes. This allows the inner soft material to find its way on the outside, causing it to make contact with the nerves around the spinal column. This can be quite painful. However, from a Japanese study it suggests that frequent intakes of vitamin C can remedy the situation by strengthening the intervertebral disks and restoring their structural integrity.
–Yet another wonder of the healing powers of vitamin C.


The 4 Vital Factors that support Good Health
-Paul A. Philips
As you can see from the illustration opposite, there are 4 vital factors that provide good health and contribute to the prevention of disease.
I wouldn’t guarantee the good health of anyone that chooses not to pay heed to all 4 factors.
…So here is a brief overview of each vital factor… see more


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