Top 7 Worst Foods to Eat

-By Paul A. Philips

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Worst foods: By unpopularity poll here’s a list of some of the worst foods you could ever eat. In listing these foods they represent others similar to them.


So think in terms of principle, what makes these foods so bad, how they can cause ill health.


There’s a misconception going round with some people that demon foods like these are okay in moderation:


The flaw in this is that when many people add up how much they have eaten of these no nutrition toxic foods in ‘moderation,’ a little bit of this and that… collectively it does not equal moderation.


Then there’s the situation where these foods are habitually eaten (binging) or to satisfy a hunger before a proper meal later on…


1. Doughnuts

Having high-calories, sugary, white flower doughnuts made up of over a third of unhealthy trans-fats makes it a fair contender for one of the worst foods you could ever eat.


Foods like these having high trans-fats can significantly raise bad cholesterol, leading to atherosclerotic plaque formations on the inner walls of blood vessels and in turn coronary heart disease. Because doughnuts are cooked at such high temperatures carcinogenic substances such as acrylamide can form.


2. Fries

Fries, like other fried foods are cooked in vegetable oils that change in structure (denature) and chemical composition when heated at high temperatures, making them unhealthy. As already mentioned they give rise to substances like the carcinogen acrylamide, causing cancer, neurological problems through nerve damage…


These vegetable oils, be it canola, corn or safflower… are polyunsaturated fats and at high temperatures become rancid giving rise to free radicals capable of causing cellular damage to the body.


It’s possible to cook healthy fries in heat withstanding fats such as coconut or macadamia oils. These oils don’t denature or change in chemical composition but remember potatoes are high in carbohydrate and therefore ultimately lead to high sugar content.


3. Sodas

Ah, don’t get me started! These high sugar sodas are such a poor substitute for one of the healthiest substances on the planet, water, making up around 70% of our body content… Sodas are usually chosen as drinks because water is regarded as a bland option in comparison.


Sodas have high fructose corn syrup, caffeine or other potentially health damaging substances such as artificial sweeteners. Sodas have been known to be the cause of illnesses such as diabetes, tooth decay, heart disease, obesity, neurological problems, osteoporosis… and cancer.


4. Drinks containing artificial sweeteners

Drinks containing artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, NutraSweet and sucralose are known to cause neurological problems associated with memory loss and mental blackouts and other cognitive mal-functions. They are excitotoxins and over-stimulate nerve calls, hence the reason for their health problems.


5. Sweets

Yes, sweets and cakes… laden with sugar which is a metabolic poison to the body, causing diabetes, fatigue, mood swings, obesity, tooth decay, heart disease and elevated stress levels … Addictive sugar poison deposits substances formed in the body called AGE (advanced glycation end-products) as a result of oxidation. All you really need to know about this is that AGE causes ageing.


6. Shellfish

It’s a sad thing to say that shellfish can no longer be relied on as a healthy food source because of its toxic heavy metal content, parasites and viruses… from being in polluted waters. Heavy metals include mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin capable of causing brain damage. Farmed shellfish may contain toxic chemicals such as those from antibiotics and others. There are certain fish from non-toxic waters that are okay to eat.


7. Processed meats

Be it bacon, sausage, ham, hot dogs, salami… research has linked eating processed meats to early deaths. Regular (50g’s/2oz’s plus) or high consumption of processed meats increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes… They have high sodium and carcinogenic chemicals called nitrates used as preservatives.


-It is hoped that the reader will think twice about eating these foods and consider, if it be the case, to choose a healthier option.

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