The Conspiracies Breaking The State Of Denial And Becoming Whole

-By Paul A. Philips


Conspiracies: Sure, more and more people are hearing the alarm clocks, waking up to the profound realization that we’re getting screwed by the system. That a few select handfuls of individuals, the world’s ruling global elite, are creaming off all the wealth through ownership and control of their major corporations and banks… 


Using puppet politicians to have a hand in the mass deception, the ruling global elite have covertly been responsible for causing so much bloodshed, having started all the major wars, invented phoney religions, created fear mongering using mainstream media sources to spin such lies like those related to the war on terrorism, manufactured fake diseases, harmful technologies, medicines and foods for the ulterior motive of power, profit, political gain and ultimately control….


This leaves we-the-people on the whole enslaved spiritually, physically and mentally. 


-All these things are indeed abundantly clear when someone’s taken the trouble to have researched the related conspiracies. As I have said in earlier writing ignorance is no excuse these days since all the information you’ll ever need is now available, it just takes time to realize. 

Will this tidal wave of mass waking up and realization from we-the-people mean that it’s only a matter of time before our growing numbers will outnumber and overwhelm the ruling elite then create an entirely different world to the one we have right now? Sure, time will tell, and who knows how much chaos will pass… but in the meantime what part could YOU play? 


Having said that, in spite of all the mounting evidence and realization, there are still a number of individuals who are what only can be described as in a state of denial. These people commonly exhibit certain behavioural patterns. 

Conspiracies and the Denial Behavioural Patterns

  1. When they are explained by someone in the know what’s really happening in the world as related to the above conspiracies, without questioning and with little or no knowledge whatsoever, they invalidate or strongly disagree, getting the idea that what they’ve been told is ridiculous or too far-fetched…
  2. Even when having no factual opinion, they may ridicule or even verbally attack the person telling them about the conspiracies, taking the attention off the subject matter which is never discussed.
  3. Regardless of how knowledgeable or good the subject matter at hand is being communicated to them they just don’t see it…
  4. Not seeing the ‘big picture’living in their limited bubbles thinking anything else outside of this is either unimportant or a load of rubbish they continue to remain prisoners by their own restrictions and never grow.


-Like I said, they are in a state of denial.


Breaking the spell and ‘wholeness’


Just because these people have both eyes shut, ears plugged and mouths gagged doesn’t mean the global conspiracies don’t exist. They do. The only way for these individuals to break the spell is to become ‘whole.’


I’ll explain. 


Wholeness or becoming whole means to include. That means to expand one’s sphere of knowledge or way of being through including the understanding and learning of other people’s viewpoints. So, for those in denial, or anyone else for that matter, development occurs through the willingness to include: To learn and openly experience new things. 


-Indeed, wholeness is a form of personal growth for all of us.

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