Self-Help Courses Have You Been Conned?

-By Paul A. Philips

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Self-Help Courses: There are so many self-help courses out there (self-improvement, self-actualisation, therapy… etc). I should know I’ve done a few of them in my time. While there are many benefits that can be gotten from these courses there are also a number of things to beware of. Here are my 6 things you should beware of to avoid being conned with these courses.
1. Self-Help Courses take longer than claimed
Those giving the courses know that prospective participants want practically overnight results. More so now than ever people want instant credit, instant food, and instant enlightenment… so, for it to be appealing the courses can be falsely advertised as something that will take a lot less time than what’s actually needed.
Sometimes, completions will be quoted only from participants who achieved the courses in record times. Remember, if completion times take much longer than stated then this could not only mean more hours for the participant but also more money for the organizers.
2. Organizers may exaggerate benefits
To attract more participants the organizers can exaggerate the benefits of self-help courses. Those having completed a course can suddenly find themselves approached by a sales administrator with catch 22 jargons making the point that the full benefits can only be achieve if the follow up course is completed… I know of some organizations that have been famous for this especially with citizens’ advice bureau staff having to help ex-participants achieve justice, getting their money back…!
3. The ‘can’t-be-done can be done’
Some organizations selling the course, whether for personal or financial gain will present the course to prospective participants as something that has the answers to all their problems or will be able to achieve levels of enlightenment that are not possible with other competitors or with those having alternative points of view.
This indeed can be very appealing to those who have not found what they’re looking for from other organizations, having done their courses. Then there’s the bitter disappointment that follows when they find out that the organization turned out to be just like all the rest…
4. No need for any other organisation we have all you’ll ever need
Yes, that’s one way of putting the competition out of the picture. In my experience the eclectic approach is the most effective, keeping an open mind… Some closed-minded, dogmatic organizers can be quite irate if you start talking alternative approaches outside of their own organization, some don’t realize the financial ulterior motive involved.
5. The organizers will justify you needing to keep returning for other courses
-Yes, that’s because they want your repeat business.
To summarize
The answer is to learn to discern here. Ask yourself do those offering these self-help courses have any ulterior motive that is not in your favour.

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