Reasons Why the Scientific Approach Need Major Changes

-By Paul A. Philips

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Scientific approach: How well is science serving humanity? Is it serving humanity to the fullest extent? When one looks at the ties that science has with corporate, financial and political self-interests it’s clear to see that science is not serving humanity anywhere as near as well as it could.


From academia to industry… in theory and practice the scientific approach is basically a narrow paradigm designed to limit and suppress:  Science is supposed to help understand the world about us, how things interact in nature, serve to contribute through technology and medicine… While science has greatly contributed to these things, instead of being a subject to encourage full inquisitiveness with an open mindedness the current scientific paradigm prevents going into areas of real legitimate, genuine humane research.

As already mentioned, the limitations and the suppression is linked to those hoary old chestnuts; corporate, financial and political self-interests: Anyone found going outside these limitations, not matter how brilliant or contributing to humanity the innovation is will be met with hostility ranging from invalidation and ridicule to funding embargos…


There is no better example of this than the cancer industry. The medical/pharmaceutical establishment don’t want to see any cheap alternative cancer therapies undercutting their business, regardless of the success rates. Bearing this in mind, history has shown the pattern to go like this for the suppression of these cheap, non-toxic, natural cancer therapies:


Firstly, thinking outside-of-the-box, a discovery is made. From the discovery, the inventor /pioneer develops a new innovative approach for curing cancer.  As the word gets out about its success the medical authorities show an interest. For example, the authority in the USA is the American Medical Association (AMA). The AMA wants’ to buy the rights to the successful innovative cancer cure, but the pioneer refuses, usually on account of the realization that the medical authority merely has moneyed interests.


Upon refusal to cooperate, the AMA threatens the pioneer with public ridicule (even when they know that the innovation works) and charges of unapproved illegal practice. The pioneer courageously continues even wins court cases in the fight along the way because witnesses standing in the dock validate the cancer treatment, having been cured. But usually the pioneer eventually gives in to the pressures over the long-term legal wrangles, possible financial difficulties… from the mighty AMA.


Finally, possibly after every dirty little trick in the book has been played by the AMA, it has its way, leaving the pioneer and his innovation laid down to rest.


You can look up some of these brilliant courageous pioneers with their successful innovative cancer cures; see how their lives fitted the above pattern. Names include, Harry Hoxsey and his herbal treatment, Dr. Stan Burzynski Antineoplaston Therapy, Royal Rife with his cancer machine, William Kelley, those using metabolic nutritional therapy… and other innovators. –This mere partial list is intended to stimulate the reader to do his/her own research.


To free oneself of the hardened dogmas and related suppression on the scientific approach  in science requires seeing the big picture, how corporate, financial and political self-interests have created these limitations: Learn to recognise the ulterior motives. For example, learn how academia fits in with those self-interests and understand the nature of funding limitations…


Stepping outside of the conditioning causing the limitations means seeing science as something far greater than the current limitations; materialism and reductionism rooted in 19th century dogmas proven to be untrue. Real science and a new scientific paradigm can only be got at when we decide to free ourselves of those mental dogmatic chains and embrace a wider approach.


This will happen. It will be part of the humanitarian conscious revolution.


It will indeed advance human civilization.


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