My 7 Reasons Why People Don’t Grow, Self-Actualise & Achieve

-By Paul A. Philips

How to Grow, Self-Actualise and Achieve

As a way to grow and self-actualise, what is it you want to achieve in life?

I invite you to consider those things right now and apply the OPPOSITE of what’s to come in this article. The insights from this article might just give you ‘the edge’ on what’s needed for you to grow, self-actualise and achieve some of those things you came up with through answering the above question. Don’t underestimate this opportunity.


By the way, the following 7 reasons why people don’t grow, self-actualise and achieve is just as much for me as it is for you, so here goes!

  1. Unwillingness to be contributed to
There exists a certain type of person. This person cannot and will not allow them to be taught or coached in life. Ignoring or invalidating advice is actually their ‘pay off.’ They make themselves right. However, by doing this there comes a ‘cost’ which is far greater than the ‘pay off.’ The cost is indeed the fact that if they had allowed them self to be taught or coached then it could have led to growth and achievement. This makes the person a victim by their own choosing.
To sum this up, I remember doing a brilliant self-growth and achievement course which at one point had something like this written on the blackboard: “Are you willing to give up the arrogant persistence of what you already are for the possibility of what might be…?”
  1. Not hearing or seeing opportunity
Consistent with the above, what’s missing for these people is the genuine realization that everyone needs support. By not having this realization they do not have the ears or eyes for hearing or seeing opportunity when it comes.      
  1. Lack of intention and ‘reasonableness’
I wouldn’t recommend anyone to be too fixed and ridged on rules: Sometimes, it is necessary to let go of these things to ‘free the spirit.’ However, there’s a great opportunity in applying a set of universal laws for growth and achievement. They’ve worked for me. They’re called the laws of attraction.
The laws are simple but need to be consistently and persistently adhered to. The first one is called attention and the second is intention: The more attention given to something the more likely it is to ‘show up’ in your life. So, the greater your intention is on giving something attention the more likely you will be able to achieve…  
People don’t achieve because of their lack of intention. Sometimes this is backed up by ‘reasonableness.’ Some people don’t realize that it is sometimes necessary to make ‘unreasonable demands’ to really grow and achieve.
  1. Not allowing
Allowance- is the third law in the laws of attraction.
 It simply means allowing things to just BE. For example, if you failed to achieve  something then just allow it to be that way even if it did go against your intentions and don’t be the affect of it : Keep that attention and intention going with regard to what you want to achieve… stay focused, never give up.
Allowance can be a difficult one. Not allowing can lead to a breakdown in the application of the laws of attraction common with those people who don’t grow and achieve.
  1. Imbalance
Balance – is the last one in the laws of attraction.
This simply means getting the balance right. Imbalance means becoming the effect of the circumstances rather you having control of them: Obsession, anger, anxiety, not eating or sleeping properly… are some of the many examples of imbalance.
  1. Not seizing the moment
Through consistently and persistently applying the above laws of attraction, as I have learnt, you sometimes have to be quick to seize the moment when it comes; to take advantage of what you have made happen. Those who don’t seize the moment stand in the valley of indecision and while doing this the opportunity disappears. Remember, it could have been something you had waited for a long time…
  1. Giving up
Giving up goes something like this: The fact that someone gave up on something the first time makes it less likely that they’ll achieve it the second time. That’s because giving up on the 1st attempt reinforces the chances of giving up again. On the 3rd attempt giving up is even more likely than the 2nd. That’s because, now, having given up twice before further reinforces the want to quit … and so on, you see?
So many people, by the time they reach adulthood have had it well reinforced and instilled into them that giving up is the only option…
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