My 5 Absolute Musts For Your Cancer Prevention

-By Paul A. Philips

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There are 2 different circumstances whereby preventative measures are needed to lower your chances of cancer. Either it’s because you never want cancer or your circumstances require preventative measures to stop getting the disease again post-treatment.
So, here are my 5 absolute musts to lower your chances of cancer or cancer prevention.
1. Monitoring your health
Keeping regular checks on your health involves monitoring your vitamin D levels by having them checked every so often. To keep those levels at bay make sure you get around 15-20 minutes of direct sunlight a day. It’s also advisable to check inflammation with inflammatory markers. This involves measuring a reactive protein in your blood…
Avoid mammograms. Did you know that mammograms can increase your chances of getting breast cancer by 20-odd percent? This is because of the potential DNA mutagenic effects with the radiation treatment during mammograms. The answer is to get infrared thermography which is far less risky.
2. Maintain a good diet
For cancer prevention there are many excellent anti-cancer foods. Firstly, the best approach to staying cancer free is to eat natural, wholesome foods (how about salad a day?). Chose the organic kind since this would be free of the chemical toxins; herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. The organic food would also not be denatured. That is, it would not have lost its molecular structure by these chemicals and become less effective in the body’s metabolic nutritional needs. Thus organic food has a higher nutritional value. Plenty of good clean water is another essential.
Anti-cancer foods include food rich in vitamin B17 such as apricot kernels (seeded fruits), almonds and broccoli sprouts. Then there are foods rich in vitamin C like green tea, kiwi and other fruits. Pineapple is excellent because it contains the cancer destroying enzymes bromelain and papain. Vitamin A found in carrots or taken as a supplement helps fight any metabolic deficiency. Selenium in food such as garlic and mushrooms is great for preventing those nasty free radicals…
Good cancer fighting foods act together synergistically.
Avoid high salt, sugar and acid body junk food.
3. Make sure you have a good mind-body-spirit connection
Make sure your surrounding environment is conducive to good health. Surround yourself in nature as much as you can that which is free of toxicity. Live in a stress-free zone. Don’t underestimate this in terms of cancer prevention.
4. Think happy thoughts and have positive attitude to life…
…do meditation or yoga. Avoid being in proximity with stressful or negative people.
5. Exercise
Get around 30 minutes exercise a day. Exercise that has you puffing and panting is great because that’s a way of getting your body oxygenated. It was Otto Walberg a German biochemist in the 1930’s who demonstrated how cancer cells don’t like oxygen. He stated that the root cause of cancer cells was an oxygen deficient acidic internal environment…
-That concludes my 5 absolute musts for your cancer prevention.
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-By Paul A. Phillips


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