Is This Most Underestimated Factor Seriously Affecting Your Health?

-By Paul A. Philips

This factor is so vitally important to health that twice Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling made a comment saying in so many words that every disease, sickness and ailment is related to its deficiency.
This factor is vital to every cell in our body for functioning properly.
-The factor I’m talking about is minerals and the importance of getting an adequate supply in the diet for health.
… But herein lies the rub
Our food no longer has the nutritional value like it used to because there has been a huge drop in mineral content. This reflects the ongoing decline in soil mineral content over the years.
A number of alarming studies such as the one mentioned at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 concluded that there have been significant drops in mineral content in farm land soils all over the world. This has been ongoing for the last 100 years.
The disturbing data from this study revealed that the worldwide mineral content decline in soils over this time period has dropped by more than 70%! In the USA the figure is a staggering 85%.
Another study, one of many other confirming studies, headed by Donald Davies at Texas University 2004 (Journal of the American College of Nutrition) concluded that from information supplied by the US Department of Agriculture on some 40 odd vegetables the mineral content had significantly dropped.
This means, whether in food or supplements you can have all the vitamins and enzymes you like but the nutrition value will only be limited to the declining mineral content. Vitamins and enzymes crucial for metabolic function and health can only be activated by minerals. If there are not enough minerals to activate the vitamins and enzymes then they become surplus and ineffective.
You also have to remember that people’s health and nutrition has taken a further hammering by the increasing consumption of processed junk foods over the years. Then there’s the affects of many environmental toxins like the rises in heavy metal pollutants, geo-engineering, chemtrails, Fukushima leaks, radiation, low frequency EMF’s and bio warfare… And what about the accumulative effects of toxins in personal care products?
Major politicians from all over the world have been well aware for some 70 plus years of the soil mineral depletion problem. But like acid rain, another mineral depletion problem, it has been ignored.
-So much for recognising the old farmer’s adage “Look after the soil and everything else will look after itself”.
This indeed begs the question what’s the reason for the soil depletion besides acid rain?
The short and simple answer is money, greed and self-interest: Sustainable farming practices have given way over the last 100 years to changes in agricultural methods based on reduced food prices, faster turnover and making higher profits. Politicians involved have received corporate backhanders to see the necessary legislation through for this to happen.
Reduced food prices and higher profits have been connected to increased sales in fertilizers. NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) fertilizers, a lucrative business, have contributed to plant growth but this has resulted in soil degradation. Besides far less minerals NPK fertilizers have had a hand in making soil towards a more acid pH, destroying the bacteria that make the minerals available to the plants. Pesticides and herbicides have also had the same effect with mineral reduction and microorganisms.
To raise the soil pH, liming, the process of spreading lime on the land has been used. At least this makes up for the minerals magnesium and calcium. However, manganese and a number of trace elements are turned into chemical forms that can’t be absorbed by the plant.
In older farming methods a more natural ecosystem existed. Like recycling, where animals would eat the plants then return the materials back to the soil through their wastes and later dead and decayed bodies. Then there was the frequent practice of crop rotation, manure spreading…
Top soil thickness has been reduced which also adds to mineral depletion
To Summarize
In an ideal world plants absorb some 70 plus minerals. In summary, the decline in the 70 plus soil minerals over the years can be explained by the introduction of fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, like for example with ‘grow faster’ GMO crop resistance, while too many crops or animals have been prematurely removed from the soil and sent to market.
-All this in the name of ‘progress.’
For how long will this ongoing tragedy continue?
We are inherently connected to Mother Earth and that includes her soil. It’s a simple equation: No more minerals = no more humans. What’s the use of all those corporate profits if no one’s around..?!
Minerals are not only an essential part of our health but can also be used for healing. For examples, selenium can be used to reduce cancer, magnesium for heart disease and zinc for a range of mental illnesses.
-The answer is to choose organic foods. Chose your local farmer’s market and organic foods that have not been picked prematurely from the soil with the right quality size and plant root lengths… These foods have a higher mineral content than their non-organic counterparts.
-On the other hand you may want to grow your own vegetables and look after the soil…
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