How Language Can Be Used For success and Personal Transformation!

-By Paul A. Philips

It has been said that without doubt, whether it’s related to survival, success or transformation, the greatest achievements made by the human race have come from the ability to use language.
Given this, we can not only look back at history and understand how language has been used by individuals or groups or see how others use it today, but we can also apply language effectively for ourselves by using a number of basic principles in support of our own ongoing personal success leading to transformation.
In other words, there are a number of basic principles on how language can be used and applied effectively in practical situations: Understand these basic principles and apply them in your life for success. Then watch how you grow with your success and personal transformation!
1. Recognise and understand that ‘something’s missing’
When you can’t see what’s missing in an area of your life that’s causing a problem or breakdown, be it in a relationship or a job task related matter… how can you ever do something about it?
So, the first step is to recognise and understand that something’s missing when things aren’t going right. Put this into words as acknowledgement; recognise and understand what those elements are that make up what’s missing that’s causing a problem or breakdown. Has this situation happened before in your life..? Have there been any recurring patterns if this situation has happened before..?
-This is important. If this, the first stage, is not applied, then the use of language for success and ultimately personal transformation may never happen.
Sadly, an all-too-common example of this occurs in relationships. For example, the husband comes home from work one evening only to find that his wife has left him. In a state of shock the husband is totally surprised that this has happened. That’s because he didn’t realize that something was missing in the relationship for this to happen…
2. Something needs to be done
Sure, something needs to be done and if you don’t open your mouth, get into communication then don’t expect anything to happen! How do you expect to get any idea of a reality with someone or something if you don’t get into communication..?
Communication is speaking and listening and I have found that there are 3 things that need to be applied during the process. The first is to understand what’s being communicated to you, then acknowledge to the communicator and only then communicate what you want to express on the matter.
-A major reason for a breakdown in communication is the result of this process not being applied or any of the stages in a different order.
3. Using language to identify or distinguish
From the broader perspective language can be used very effectively to indentify and distinguish things that have not been seen before. Human rights were born in this way. The first time that someone put human rights into words it not only labelled something that was occurring out there but also brought it into existence, into being.
Then take for example the case of isolated indigenous tribes in snowbound areas such as the Eskimo’s who can distinguish the many different types of snow with many different words to make out one type that’s different to the other, critical for survival and their ideas or needs…
To summarize
-Since language has made such a contribution to the evolution of our race then it’s worth looking into how language is used for success and personal transformation.
-Learn how to recognise when something’s missing in your life that causes problems or breakdowns.
-Besides the realization of putting what’s missing into words, also in the communication that follows on doing something about your situation, use the 3-stage process of understand, acknowledge and the communicate.
-Language pinpoints that which is happening in your life so use it to bring new things into existence and into being for success and personal transformation!
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