Homeopathy Exposing The Big Pharma Involvement and Disinformation

-By Paul A. Philips

Will the Big Pharma corrupted FDA gets tough on homeopathy?
A while ago the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) held a public hearing at Silver Spring Maryland USA with patients, end users, health care professionals, carers, industry related representatives and others concerned to express their views on the subject of “homeopathic products and their application.”
As expected, this forum comprised of friends, foes and those sitting on the fence regarding homeopathy. The FDA took in the oral and written discussions with a focus on their regulatory framework regarding homeopathic products, and a viewpoint towards examining whether or not they should impose more scrutiny, regulation and tighter control.
Unlike pharmaceutical products, Current FDA policies officially allow homeopathic remedies to find their place on shelves for selling without the need for efficacy or safety evaluations.
However, it has been said that homeopathy is controversial, lacking in supporting science (defended by practitioners, as well as the efficacy issues) and is a fast-growing billion-dollar branch in the healthcare industry, which is why tighter control has been called for…
-Will the hearing be followed up by onerous FDA regulations?
Big Pharma versus homeopathy
It comes as no surprise that many strong advocates of Big Pharma medicine have a somewhat disdainful regard for homeopathy and its practitioners. The long dark and disdainful history of attack stems from opposing views between conventional medicine and homeopathy practitioners on how illness should be treated, especially when it comes to the treatment of disease:
Conventional medicine basically assumes that there is something ‘wrong’ with the patient and treat, inhibit or suppress illness symptoms by using biochemical/pharmacological intervention… Homeopaths on the other hand focus on promoting natural healing abilities, regarding the symptoms as the body’s way of trying to heal itself…
Disinformation campaign
Besides the above differences of opinion on how illness should be approached, basically, the age-old disinformation campaign still happening today against homeopathy is centred on 2 things: money and homeopathy’s threat to the current existing scientific paradigm:
1. Money
On the subject of money the bottom line is that the pharmaceutical industry’s real concern about homeopathy is not its health issues but market competition. If Big Pharma had genuine health concerns they would act more prudently when selling their toxic invasive drugs with harmful side-effects…
-So will Big Pharma in its power to influence the corrupt FDA be enough to make tough measures, making it difficult for practising homeopaths, and thereby restrict our basic rights to freedom of choice on health matters related to homeopathy? Remember that homeopathic practice is increasing in popularity…
2. Homeopathy’s threat to the current existing scientific paradigm
There are those unwilling to embrace anything outside the current existing scientific paradigm as in the case of homeopathy. Just because we don’t understand the alternative medicine and how it works doesn’t mean that it should be flatly dismissed.
This in effect is what certain dogmatic scientists have done. Because homeopathic practice falls outside of their limited viewpoint it has given them perfect leverage to try and discredit it. Bearing this in mind there are a number of ways by which these homeopathic deniers spread disinformation and propaganda.
Consistent with corrupted corporate sponsored bad science deniers and propaganda merchants give homeopathy a bad name by cherry-picking data. They may only select data that goes against homeopathy, possibly because the results were due to small subject numbers or anomalous circumstances.., while ignoring the many quality scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals that show positive outcomes.
Another tactic to discredit homeopathic practitioners is by constantly repeating their disinformation through various outlets such as certain ‘information’ websites and discussion groups. Without having substantial evidence these unhealthy sceptics believe their false claims through consistently and persistently repeating the related lies.