Fried Foods What You’re Not Told About

-By Paul A. Philips

Bad acid diet in fried foods so avoid!

My health tip for today is ‘Avoid fried foods!’

Sure, unless you live in la, la land you’ll know that fried foods are nor healthy. Indeed there’s tons of info out there, some involving peer reviewed scientific research giving the thumbs down to fried foods, like for example those skinny fries you see in fast foods restaurants, qualifying in my top 5 unhealthiest foods on the planet.

Why Avoid Fried Foods?

Having said that here are a few eye-opening things to know about restaurant fried foods revealing just how unhealthy they can be. The frying oil when heated, the molecular structure gets altered (denatured) and in turn changes its chemical properties, which can be detrimental to health.
There are certain oils like coconut and macadamia oils that can withstand the heat and not get altered, but the majority of restaurants don’t use these. Instead they use cheap and nasty trans-fats hydrogenated oils.
 Because they are hydrogenated this means that they lose their stability quite easily when heat is applied. That means they then become unstable free radicals: unbounded molecular chains looking to bind somewhere. They usually bind to surface receptors on the body’s cells causing metabolic havoc leading to ill health. This could lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
These oils are unnatural in nature, see for yourself. Put some out and wait a day or so and you’ll return to find the oil unchanged. That’s because nature’s living things don’t recognise these oils as anything natural…
Cheap and nasty trans-fats hydrogenated oils include corn oil (genetically modified and having chemical traces from herbicides, fungicides and pesticides), canola, rapeseed and soybean oils. Most people read ingredients labels and see vegetable oil thinking that’s fine but it’s not the case. Most vegetable oils are the unhealthy soybean type, another product of genetic modification.
Look at it like this. If the food is junk then why would restaurants buy expensive healthy oils to cook it? Another thing to consider, the oil used to fry restaurant food is kept heated long for periods making it even more chemically rancid by the hour…
If you ever get the chance check out the fryer oil in a restaurant you may notice how cloudy it can get through rancidity. What about the small pieces of food left over from earlier fry-ups? Vegetarian or not some of those pieces will transfer along with the rancid oil absorbed into the food you have ordered..!
It has been said that fried foods increase the calories at least by three-fold when comparing the food to its original calorific value. All those unhealthy calories…
-It’s hoped that I have encouraged the reader to stay away from fried foods.


5 Ways to Lower Your Chances of Cancer 

-By Paul A. Philips


Basically, to lower your chances of cancer there are 2 different circumstances whereby preventative measures are needed.
Either it’s because you don’t want cancer or your circumstances require preventative measures to stop getting the disease again post-treatment.
Indeed, prevention is the best form of cure.
So, here are the 5 ways to lower your chances of cancer.
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