Forgiveness and the Power of Cause and Effect

-By Paul A. Philips

Forgiveness: Imagine a number of matchsticks unevenly arranged on a table:
Instead of the matchsticks converging all pointing in the same direction some point elsewhere. All these matchsticks could represent the total energy of a person’s mind.
In other words instead of the person’s psychic energy pointing in a forward-moving direction for handling life effectively some of it points elsewhere and is thus counterproductive.
This repressed locked-in counterproductive energy caused by pain and trauma or gross embarrassment… may not only cause an individual to stray from rational thought or behaviour but also bring on tiredness, weariness or feel sluggish.
-Think of how much more effective in life and energetically alert this individual would be if they could just tap into these counterproductive energies and get then to point in a forward-moving direction like the rest!
Not forgiving unexpressed anger and resentment
I will say without doubt that one of the most underestimated reasons for the formation of some of these counterproductive energies exists in not forgiving someone.
After all, who’s the one that’s suffering when you don’t forgive someone..?
The counterproductive energies caused by not forgiving someone can be locked-in through unexpressed anger and resentment…
One of the saddest situations is where for example there’s a girl who’s accumulated unexpressed anger and resentment over time from the relationship with her father. Before she has the chance to be in communication with her father, after years of not seeing him, he suddenly dies. Then sadly she will be incomplete with him for the rest of her life.
-All that undelivered communication, pent up anger and resentment will never be expressed or released through not being able to be in communication with her late father.
Something else to understand here is this. In relationships, be it with marriage, a girlfriend and boyfriend or as business partners sometimes there is a situation where one person overreacts way too angrily which was uncalled for.
…That’s because the anger wasn’t just coming from that particular situation. The overreaction and anger, hostility… was also coming from a number of similar other past related situations whereby that angry individual had not expressed themselves.
To reiterate: The much anger, hostility… can come from all those earlier similar incidents where there was undelivered unexpressed communication… This is important to realize.
The solution forgiveness and being complete
With a commitment to change communication is a major factor towards forgiveness and being complete.
By speaking and listening to someone you haven’t forgiven gives you the opportunity to bring forth the unexpressed undelivered communication, establish a reality, then gain an understanding and love… which allows you to forgive and be complete with that person. Thus, completion means putting the past in the past where it no longer affects you.
Forgiveness can also simply mean to let go of those hurtful things related to anger and resentment… care of compassion and empathy…
The power of cause and effect
The power of cause and effect through forgiveness can be transforming.
The benefits of forgiveness include improved mental and physical health: Raised self-esteem, less down in the dumps or depressed, thinking more clearly, better focused, more in touch with spirituality… not to mention better relationships through no longer feeling bitter, while physically fitter having an improved immune system, better heart health and possibly lowered blood pressure…
No longer in the self-imprisonment, having forgiven, those locked-in energies can free themselves and be available for moving forwards being more energetic and effective in life!
Can The Power of Intention Change Your Life and the World? -By Paul A. Philips

This incredible story is related to the power of intention. I knew of a scientist who works in black operations. The work he’s doing, to put it mildly, is not contributing to humanity, quite the opposite in fact: 


Conscience-racked, he wants to expose the work he’s involved in to the public at large, but cannot for good reasons.


If he did ‘THEY’ would get to his family one by one and then him. If he decided to go AWOL or elope further than a fixed millage radius within his workplace he has a capsule embedded in his body that would get remotely operated to dissolve, releasing a contained deadly poison…


-For me, undoubtedly, the most revealing secret he said was this, which has stuck with me for a long time and like I’ve said it’s totally relevant to the above title: See more