Fillings Aren't Good But Certain Toxic Mercury Containing Foods Are Worse

-By Paul A. Philips

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Toxic mercury: Many people, some for 20, 30 or even 40 years plus have had mercury amalgam fillings. This is a continual source of this toxic substance in the mouth and the vapour finds its way into the blood stream. It does indeed get worse when some of these old fillings fall out and crumble with all the mercury with it…


For many years the Centre of Disease Control (CDC) have been monitoring toxicity levels in people. Toxic mercury levels in humans have been included in their studies. In recent findings the CDC has reported mercury levels in the blood: For those people reported to have high levels either on the individual level or in populations: is it usually in the form of methyl mercury.

You may be shocked to know that this methyl mercury toxin comes from certain fish. With high levels this includes tuna, Chilean sea bass, swordfish and orange rafi… One meal served up with any of these fish gives more mercury than a year of amalgam fillings in your mouth!


Having said some health practitioners have recommended having amalgam fillings removed and replaced by a far less toxic option. However, many dentists say if your fillings are in good condition then it is better to leave them in. The small levels of mercury vapour that find a way into the bloodstream will be removed by the kidney and expelled in as urine…


-This is something you’d have to consider with regards to your own condition. The non-mercury option can be dealt with by a biological dentist. Remember, high levels of this toxin from a number of bad crumbling fillings can produce high vapour levels which could harm the kidneys and brain.


If this is the case for the low percentage of people (around 2-3 %) allergic to mercury the allergy would show up in the mouth forming sores or rashes.

As already mentioned mercury in fish is far the greater danger than the amalgam fillings. Pregnant women or children 6 years or under should definitely avoid high mercury level fish.


The solution is to eat low mercury level fish such as shrimp, trout whitefish, crab, scallop, haddock, anchovies and crayfish… These are the healthiest fish to eat. Find out in your local area what the situation is with the fish on sale. Find out where the fish have been and under what conditions were they farmed… etc


I’ll leave you to do your own research where appropriate. Good advisory bodies worth giving a look in include the CDC and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


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-By Paul A. Phillips


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