Ever Wondered How Exactly Does Good Nutrition Work?

-By Paul A. Philips

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Okay, so let’s say you now get good nutrition, how exactly does it work? What’s the point to it all…?


Nutrition is required for the body’s metabolic processes. It is needed for growth, maintenance, replacement and repair of the body’s 50 plus trillion cells. If the nutrition is good, then the body will run efficiently.


Consider the running of a car. In this analogy, if the petrol used is a good grade then the car will run well. If the petrol is a poor grade, then it will run sluggishly. On the long-term it may cease to function. The same applies to the body when it comes to bad nutrition. If the body is fed on junk food and poor hydration (lack of water), then it may well become sluggish.


If this continues on the long-term then disease could manifest and result in death.

It’s sad but true to say that nutrition been so neglected or underestimated in the role of good health and the prevention of disease.


”Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”


Hippocrates 460BC–377 BC Greek physician


The powerful role good nutrition has in health and healing has been known since ancient times. Take for instance the above quote made by Hippocrates. From the nutrition perspective, the basic underlying principle of disease goes like this:


Because of a change in the body’s normal metabolism due to a POOR DIET illness shows up as a consequence. (The metabolic processes had gone into a ‘makeshift’ response, caused by the dietary deficiency).


The effective solution is therefore to undergo a change in dietary habits. Good nutrition: To this end, for those who are suffering, a dedicated, systematic and selective approach is needed.


-Or put another way, the remedy for a specific disease is to frequently take much higher than normal supplies of specific nutrition to reverse or cure.


For example, for those suffering from heart disease or related illnesses a therapy had been devised by twice Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. This involves using high doses of vitamin C with 2 amino acids called lysine and proline to remove the arteriosclerotic plaque on the inner walls of arteries cause by bad cholesterol. In time with consistent and persistent doses the arteries strengthen. No doctor’s prescription needed. The therapy has been known to not only improve conditions but also cure.



For those considered to be well, eating the right food, good nutrition, is the preventative way to staying healthy.


The above principles, be it for prevention or reversal of ill health, are well documented with all the scientific evidence and case testimonies needed to show the effectiveness of this approach.


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Good Nutrition-iNewParadigm
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