Creating a New Paradigm Future for Planetary Transformation!

-By Paul A. Philips

iNewParadigm-New Paradigm
For a New Paradigm: There are designer clothes, designer shoes and designer kitchens… but have you ever heard of designer future?
What exactly is a designer future?
First, a real future will not manifest by only using past-based thoughts, feelings, attitudes and ideas…
These things can only represent the future as a projection of what’s already been, which, if applied, are almost certain to result in the same old going nowhere results: Some old patterns, same old unsolved problems, same old humanitarian suffering…
For instance, you’ve heard it said that our children are the future. Sure they are, but how can a real future manifest if parents continually run the same old programming and brainwashing (inherited from their parents) on their children?

And In time what if these children run those same old patterns on their children to be..?


-What’s really needed is not a future based on the past but a future based on the future.

Building A NewParadigm Future

-This is what designer future means: Creating a real new paradigm future for planetary transformation. A future based on using different viewpoints; new ideas with their practical applications as solutions.


So what sort of a future do you want to see for you, your family and friends? 


What would it take for you to do something and be part of the co-creation?


How committed could you be towards creating a new paradigm future to make manifest a planetary transformation? 


Do you want to see a world where there is an abundance of unprocessed, chemical free food, poverty ended? The cure of so-called incurable diseases, reversal of environmental damage, abolishment of unfair taxes, riddance of uncalled for rules, ordinances and laws designed to tie us up in red tape, made to make us frustrated and too busy to ever realize the related scams?


Or what about seeing the end of fake wars…? 


Do you want to see a healthcare system that unlike the current one puts genuine welfare concern above corporate profitability? How about seeing the grossly unfair monetary system dissolve? Or a governmental system set up to serve us rather than enslave through the dictates of the politician’s corporate/banker lords and masters? 


Do you want an education system that nurtures and enlightens instead of the crap that’s currently used to engineer us into becoming compliant little wage slaves…? 


We can have all of the above things.


-Did that sound pie-in-the-sky to you? Well, who really knows? Remember the saying; anything’s possible because we are the imagination of ourselves. 

Most of the world’s problems are symptoms: No matter how well dealt with, focusing only on the symptoms instead of dealing with the underlying root-cause allows the problems to continually return. 


The solution is a mass awakening needed to deal with the underlying root-cause. Acting with higher conscious realization, having greater perspective, the 

root-cause can be dealt with and only then will the problems no longer return. 


Making that planetary ‘prison to paradise’ turnaround dealing with the root-cause.


  1. Render the world’s ruling elite oligarchs powerless


When humankind is aware enough to realize that the solution lies in the power wielded in the creational thought processes, the ‘Laws of Attraction,’ the 

centuries old game, the stranglehold on humanity by the ruling elite oligarchs will be over. 


As more and more awaken, a threshold number of individuals will be reached not wanting the current planetary enslavement agenda will through applying the ‘Laws of Attraction’ manifest a completely different outcome to the current doom and gloom scenario (indeed it’s already began and is unstoppable!). 

Thus, the oligarch’s empire will in time crumble to make way for the manifested paradise, a new paradigm experience, a world that makes a difference for everyone. 


  1. Apply hidden/suppressed technology


Firstly, many of the problems plaguing humankind have been solved. There is free energy, cures to so-called incurable diseases, weather manipulation technology capable for example of producing rain in drought areas for irrigation of crops that would lead to ending hunger and poverty… etc. 


We do have the capability but the related technologies have been suppressed. Besides encouraging new breakthrough ideas, the suppression of these technologies needs to be exposed enough to create a public outcry and demand that they get put into use throughout the world… 


  1. …be healthy


For transformation, be healthy. Reap the long-term benefits from having a good natural alkaline food plant-based diet free from eating toxic acidic junk with lots of good clean water. Avoid fluoride as it calcifies the pineal gland, lowers IQ… Avoid excessive alcohol and stop the medical establishment from forcing unnecessary medication such as vaccines and brain scrambling toxic invasive drugs. Exercise regularly (about 15-20 minutes a day). Try yoga, chi or meditation… Avoid environmental toxicity.


Learn how your health is in your hands through healing vibrational energies. Many technologies related to this have been hidden and suppressed. It works on the principle that our bodies are electric and light. In short, ‘it’s all in the frequency.’


  1. Turn off the TV


Everything on our planet is a deception. One of the biggest propagators of lies, deception and misinformation is the TV. Turn it off. Get deprogrammed by educating yourself with alternative media that exposes the deception and offers truth and enlightenment. Free yourself from imprisoning belief systems. 

  1. Deal with the monetary system scam


Are you aware that the world’s constitutions permit governments to print money for various infrastructures, hospitals, schools…? As a follo- on corruption has allowed government parts to be sold off making it illegal privatization… Then there’s the illegal IMF… -Understand your legal rights to defend yourself against these governmental criminals.


What’s needed is a mass refusal to cooperate, remove the criminal cabal and their associates with their moneyed motives and crooked institutions, reset the money count to zero and then start again for a major restructuring. 



-Wishful thinking some might say, but who really knows what could happen with the knowledge that we do have the power to co-create a real future for planetary transformation?

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