Bringing Humanity into an Inhumane World

-By Paul A. Philips


Humanity: Some years ago, a number of people will recall an announcement made by Australia’s Prime Minister at the time Tony Abbot stating that there will be no benefits for the parents of unvaccinated kids.

These childcare pay-outs are worth thousands and thousands a year per Australian family. 

Will this make anti-vaccine families give way to accepting vaccinations for their children?

As any behavioural psychologist will tell you the reward systems or the threat of the removal of can be enough to influence the desired behaviour; the herd immunity… 

This has been described by some as an act of medical fascism basically for a number of reasons. 

  1. That no one has a right to enforce treatment on others. That we have a basic right to the ownership of our body and what we do with it is our choice. The same applies to making choices for our children.


  1. If vaccines are so good then why is there so much opposition to those opposing vaccinations?


After all, if vaccines are highly effective and safe then the vaccinated should extend their welfare concern to those the individuals who are unvaccinated, the so called unprotected and vulnerable.

For example, some doctors refuse treatment on the unvaccinated. Isn’t this hypocritical, unethical and a violation of the patient’s rights?


  1. The mainstream media plays down the fact that there are arms-long lists upon arms-long lists of scientific evidence to show that vaccines have caused serious injury and even death to children through their nasty toxic adjuvants (ingredients): The pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the vaccines have been made legally exempt from prosecution, even when trial vaccines were used and caused damage.


  1. The mainstream media also plays down the fact that many studies have been conducted showing in some cases vaccines have caused the disease they were supposed to prevent.


  1. The body’s natural ability isn’t given a chance to heal through the use of good nutrition, avoidance of toxicity and the handling of stress… which is a far more effective way of building immunity than vaccines.

-With a regard to our humanity, there is a bigger picture to all this that many don’t see. The enforcement of vaccinations is all part of a hidden agenda. It is part of a long-term quest by the powers that be to bring in more inhumanity into a humane world for global control and domination.



In the quest for global domination our natural world is dwindling. The air we breathe is polluted with more and more toxic chemicals from chemtrails. The water supply has been polluted with fluoride and in more recent times, toxic chemicals from fracking… 



Our food is genetically modified with toxic genes… Then there’s the onslaught of next to nothing nutrition junk foods resulting in illnesses that are only treated for by dealing with the symptoms:



The medical / pharmaceutical establishment don’t want to treat the root-cause because that would mean curing and no repeat business. So, they forever treat the patient’s illness, the symptoms, which keep returning because of the untreated root-cause (I reiterate) with the false pretence that one day a cure will be found… 



We have the trans-human agenda designed to incorporate humans with cybernetics, nanotechnology and genetic modifications… with all its related ’empty shell’ inhumane behaviour… 


Some solutions



The powers that be have the ‘trickle by trickle’ approach when bringing in their global fascist dictatorship agenda. That is, they don’t want you to be made aware of or notice what’s happening when they limit our freedom this way. So, they do it quietly in tiny baby steps… 



However, sometimes the powers that be go beyond the acceptable boundary which backfires, causing uproar from people. An example of this happened when spikes were put on ledges to prevent the homeless. It wasn’t too long before they were removed as a result of the mass protest.



Be it through alternative media or in our local communities we have to spread our knowledge of the hidden agenda and ulterior motives to a wide as possible audience.



The trick is to educate people on these matters on a steady gradient so that you not only don’t overwhelm them but also only give what’s appropriate to the level of where they’re at with it all. 



-Above all do something and never give up. 



I’m counting on us to just keep on keeping on to produce the necessary turnaround in the name of humanity!