Are You A Slave To Your Technology?


If you haven’t said it then you’re sure to have heard it from others referring to technology applications as addictive. Yes, addictive, addictive and …addictive. 


Seen in popular media ads, made to look trendy or cool, there’s the promotion for the incorporation of technology with the human body like in the examples of ‘Google Glass,’ ‘smart’ watches and silicone implants… etc. 


Then there are the science fiction stories, for example, we have the Borgs in Star Trek… 


-All this is to do with the push for us to get addicted and used to accepting the transhumanism agenda.


Will we go from being evolved spiritual beings an expression of the infinite God/Goddess/All-There-Is to autonomous, dehumanised cyborgs destined to inherit the Earth in this form? 

The bottom line here folks is that transhumanism technology is ultimately designed to control and stop us from thinking for ourselves: If allowed to carry on, in time, it will make us unable to access our full physical empirical knowledge and non-physical ability. 


The Robot control system

Another part of the control system is the developing robot army. The likes of DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects) in the army, navy and air force which will also involve the surveillance, militarization and policing of we-the-people by robots… 


The technological control system

The technology is in effect turning us into computer terminals. The energy fields generated from the technology such as the internet, ‘smart’ systems, implantations… is creating a ‘collective mind’ which is why everything’s connected. It’s a form of hive mind information system that can be hacked and controlled. 


From the collection of this information sent to a central control system it is capable sending back counterfeit reality responses accordingly as part of the technology based controlling agenda. 


-Wake up humans you are for more advanced than this. It’s in your spirituality!


The solution

The Archon control matrix is nothing more than a mind parasite incapable of creating. All it can ever do is replicate or steal our creative ideas: This is how it operates. In order for the technology hive mind control system to work on us we have to go into agreement with it. -So the key here is to stop going into agreement by stopping ourselves from creating the reality the controllers want of us from those technological conscious and subconscious implants. 


The choice is ours to make. Do we carry on in the mind control prison made by our own making or do we walk out and create a new paradigm experience?


7 Serious Concerns Transhumanism Threatens Humanity and the Human Race

-By Paul A. Philips


Transhumanism in relation to artificial intelligence has been regarded by some people as an upgrade to homo sapiens mark 2.


Avid proponents have claimed that the new so-called homo sapiens mark 2 will be such an improvement over homo sapiens mark 1 it will lead to having super human qualities. Some of those qualities they say are beyond our current imagination!


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