Are God’s SUN and the SON of God the same?

-By Paul A. Philips

SON of God: The New Testament Jesus character was derived from many earlier mythological Pagan/Gnostic god men all having the same biography: The prophesised messiah born 25th December, virgin birth, has 12 disciples (or helpers), performs miracles, turns water into wine, causes a great political stir then gets crucified between 2 thieves and soon after rises from the dead… etc.


Once this has been understood it could then be asked: Where did this recurring biographical motif come from? Can the answer be found in astrology?

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It was forbidden by early Christian church authorities to study astrology. That might well have been because the authorities were afraid that anyone astute enough could come to realise that astrology was the source from where the New Testament Jesus character and story had been made up.  


In short, it has been said that Jesus, the SON, is a fictional character: His name and life story is used to represent the SUN and its astrological movements over time.


–Put simply, Jesus and the sun and are one of the same.


Here are the ‘side by side’ astrological and Bible comparisons for you to judge for yourself whether or not the SUN (God’s sun) = the SON (Son of God).  

The virgin birth

It is by the Holy Spirit that she has conceived this child. All this happened in order to fulfil what the Lord declared through the profit. “The virgin will conceive and bear a son.”  -Matthew 1 v23. 


The idea of a virgin birth never made any sense to me, but when you view it in an astrological context it can be seen in a totally different way. The virgin birth has nothing to do with conception without sex and can be explained by astrological symbolism.

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The astrological symbol for the sun when in the constellation of Virgo is the virgin (see above).  Because of this, Jesus, represented the sun being born as a virgin birth in the constellation of Virgo: In other words, the evidence therefore suggests that it really meant it was a VIRGO birth (because Virgo = the astrological virgin), can you see?

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-Did you notice this in the above Virgo symbol (top left)? It’s an ancient glyph and is the modified letter ‘M’. Is it therefore no coincidence that not only does Jesus’ mother’s name begin with the letter ‘M’ but so do other mythological virgin sun god mothers:


Mary – Jesus

Meri – Isis – Horus

Myra – Adonis

Maya – Buddha


Carrying on with the ‘side by side’ astrological SUN and biblical SON comparisons…


The SUN/SON are both born on 25th December


The ancients said the SUN, after the shortest days of the year then gets birthed on the 25th


December, because from this day on starts growing as indicated by the days getting longer and warmer. Was this the reasons why the 25th December was chosen for Jesus the SON’S birthday and his subsequent growing, which would therefore be nothing more than SUN symbolism?


On similar lines John the Baptist was born in late June right after the longest days and was beheaded because it represented the SUN dying and on its way out…


The SUN/SON halo -God’s Sun and the Son of God 

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The SUN has a halo and likewise so does Jesus because it could be said that they are one of the same.


Jesus said “…I am the light of the world…” John 9:5, “They shall see the SON coming in the clouds” Mark 13:26.  – Now isn’t all this telling you unambiguously that Jesus was the personification of the SUN?!

Son of God-iNewParadigm-8

The SUN/SON both at the centre of the zodiac


In astrology the SUN is at the centre of the 12 signs of the zodiac. The 12 zodiac signs or months were said to be the ’12 helpers’ because each helper assisted the SUN in doing its work on Earth for the year. It has therefore been said that it’s no coincidence there were 12 disciples following the SON, because the 12 disciples are the 12 signs of the zodiac.  


Some more astrological significance: Jesus begins his father’s work at 12 years old (SUN at its highest at 12 noon in heaven, or 12 hours of the light). Later he starts his ministry and gets baptised at 30 years old (360° making up the zodiac circle divided by the 12 constellations = 30). 30° therefore marks the SUN in one zodiac constellation, in this case it is the age of Pisces.   


The SUN/SON both walk on water

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Son of God – The SUN’s rays = The SON’s crown of thorns 

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SUN day = SON day


-On SUNday’s, as the name suggests, people belonging to the Christian faith are unknowingly worshipping the sun. Also, besides Sunday another word with double meaning is the word amen spoken by the masses during religious services. Amen originally comes from ancient Egypt and means Amen-Ra which translates as sun-rays. Therefore, are worshippers unknowingly sending prayers to the SUN?      


The SUN/SON – why male?


Why was the SUN chosen to be male? The answer lies with the ancients and their account of human reproduction and how life came about: Knowing the male donates while the female receives, facilitates growth and then gives life, they thought of the SUN in the same way: Like the male’s part in reproduction they said the SUN also donates energy while the female Mother Earth receives, facilitates growth and gives life.

-So, using the above, that’s why we have both the SUN with its heat, light, ability to cause rain… and the SON able to turn water into wine, you see?


The Age of Aquarius – Blatant astrological symbolism in the Bible?!

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When asked by his disciples how will he return after he’s gone Jesus replies: 


Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in.” 

-Luke 22:10


-As you can see above the astrological symbol for Aquarius is a man carrying a pitcher of water! Is Jesus simply saying that after the age of Pisces he (i.e. the sun) will return in the Age of Aquarius? –Check out an astrological chart, yes, it is the next age.


It has been said that Jesus’ birth date is astrological timing because it is consistent with the beginning of the age of Pisces.

Above is the astrological symbol for the age of Pisces. Many biblical mentions of fish symbolism suggest references to the age of Pisces. For examples, there is:


“We only have 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish”

Matthew 14:17


At Galilee Jesus befriends 2 brothers, 2 fishermen.

Son of God-iNewParadigm-18

Ancient 2-Fish symbol and the Vesica Piscis


The 2-fish symbol had existed for years before Jesus’ times. The symbol was the Gnostic/Pagan symbol for the SUN’s realm during the age of Pisces. The commonly seen today Christian fish the vesica piscis was another Gnostic/Pagan symbol. It was considered sacred geometry and known to Archimedes (3rd century BC) to be a powerful mathematical tool. This symbol is called piscis because as you can see (above) the area at the centre where the circles overlap can be likened to that of a fish (Pisces).


The Papal Headdress is a “fish head” chosen to represent the age of Pisces

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The SUN/SON dies then resurrects

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Unlike most people today who are too busy, busy, busy to notice anything of great significance, the ancients discovered something interesting.


They found that as the sun continued moving further south it brought on colder weather and shorter days and this continued until the 21st 

of December, then the sun stopped moving. It stopped moving for three days; the 22nd, 23rd and the 24th of December. 


For example, during these 3 days the early morning sun could be seen in the exact same location. Quite understandably, the ancients may well have been greatly relieved that the sun was no longer going further away south. However, because the sun wasn’t moving they concluded that it was no longer living. Then, on the 25th of December the sun starts moving again. This time, instead of going further south it goes north, bringing warmer weather and longer days ahead. The ancients summed this up by saying:

“God’s SUN was dead for 3 days then it resurrected and moved again…”


They celebrated the fact that God’s SUN had rose again from the dead… It has been said that this is where Jesus’ crucifixion, death and resurrection came from because it’s the same pattern.

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Resurrection symbolism is played out again in Easter when the SUN/SON triumphs over darkness, the time of year when there become more hours of light than darkness in the day.   


Was the Cross taken from ancient astrology?

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Son of God-iNewParadigm-25

Son of God: The SUN/SON dying on the cross is another case of the same thing.


Taking the above 2 photos into consideration the following will show how the Christian cross was derived from ancient astrological Pagan symbolism.

Son of God-iNewParadigm-26

                                                                       1                                                                                2


First we have the ancient sun zodiac divided into 4 quadrants to mark out the 4 seasons. 

Son of God-iNewParadigm-27

Then, as shown above the 4 quadrants also mark out the summer and winter solstices (longest and shortest days) with the spring and autumn equinoxes (equal times of day and night) in the year.

Son of God-iNewParadigm-28

                                                                           3                                                                            4


Then, carrying on with the progression we can now see above how the sun zodiac circle finally got abbreviated into the form of a cross with a circle representing the SUN.

Son of God-iNewParadigm-29

The circled cross symbolising the SUN dying on the cross of the zodiac is one of the oldest representations shown on many church steeples. Many different crosses such as the Celtic cross, Maltese cross, the Egyptian cross of life and the Swastika…etc are just variations on the same (above) astrological theme.  


-That concludes the Son of God Symbology