Achieving Fulfilment and Escaping Your Comfort zone

-By Paul A. Philips

Achieving Fulfillment-iNewParadigm

Achieving fulfilment is sadly something so many people don’t aspire to.

If life could be likened to a game of tennis then sadly for many people they chose to play a nine year old! (Some people have to think about this, wondering if they should play someone even younger in case life isn’t easy and they get beaten!)
But indeed choosing to make things too easy results in a rather dull, drab and predictable life:
Some people arrange their lives like this to such an extent that they become what could be called one of the living dead; corpses with heartbeats, doing things on automatic pilot…
Ever get the feeling from time to time that life is too easy and predictable, rather dull, drab or run on the mill for you? Well, that could certainly be because your life lacks a certain structure for achieving fulfilment.

That is, your life is lacking a plan of action for the purpose of achieving something that would bring fulfilment.


-Sometimes people don’t realize that this is what’s missing for them in their lives. So just the realization that something more challenging is needed can be the beginning of a wonderful journey along the road to achieving fulfilment!

Escaping your comfort zone
For most part, to really get something out of life it means ‘escaping your comfort zone.’ No longer playing the nine year old how prepared are you to go outside of your comfort zone? What could you do to escape this for a life that’s nurturing and fulfilling..? I ask you to consider this right now.
Before choosing something specific in your life that could bring you satisfaction and achievement the first thing to realize is that we humans are indeed creatures of habit but this could be holding you back from doing something new.
Whether it’s at the micro-level with DNA to maintain our bodies the same physical way or at the macro-level in our social behavioural patterns… life is designed to keep things in continuity for us. However, the best approach for us in planning a life that’s fulfilling is to see things as an opportunity for creating something that disrupts that continuity of our lives to stop us merely acting out of habit… and the ‘same old same old…’ This is where the magic starts.
So look at what needs to be planned. What do you intend to achieve? What are the conditions of satisfaction..? Try and be as specific and measurable as possible. Avoid getting caught up in distraction, stopping you from carrying out the plans and actions that need to be taken along the way to achieving fulfilment.
-The ball is in your court. It’s now up to you!

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