8 Things You Should Definitely Know About Your Health

-By Paul A. Philips

1. Low electromagnetic frequencies Wi-Fi, microwaves… are killing us… slowly
Wi-Fi enabled applications ‘smart’ metres, 4G, laptops, mobile phones… etc according to experienced researcher Dr Barrie Trower have been known to cause serious harm to the health of individuals and pose as a threat to human existence.
Thus, Wi-Fi can make you ill and no safe level has ever been established to protect humans, for example, children from harm. Wi-Fi with their various applications has been known to cause frontal/temporal lobe brain cancer and is the highest reason for child deaths.
To protect corporate interests’ governments with their paid off mainstream media have lied telling you Wi-Fi is harmless with all the bad science used to deceive… Once again, as in other situations that have happened before like smoking: A small handful of individuals make mega-monies from profits while countless others suffer.
According to neuroscientist Olle Johansson UK/US female children exposed to school Wi-Fi throughout schooling will be predicted to have at least a 57.7% miscarriage or stillbirth rate when they give birth in adulthood.
If nothing is done then only around 1/8th of children will be healthy after roughly 70 years from now… -No wonder so many countries (over half) have taken action over this by stopping Wi-Fi in schools. However, in countries like for example the UK they’re insisting on having Wi-Fi in schools.
South Africa and related councils have removed Wi-Fi applications including ‘smart’ meters.
The EMF’s for Wi-Fi can be shielded using a detector meter to find exactly where the source is coming from and by using radiator foil as a shield.
2. The real reason for GMO’s
As most of us know the official line on GM food and their GMO’s is to produce crops with certain characteristics advantageous so that we get better, higher and more efficient yields with intentions to feed the world… However, this has not happened. Problems have come about such as pesticide resistance and superbugs that affect yields…
Attempts to produce higher yields and ownership through GMO patency for mega-profits (remembering that the crops were free given to us from Mother Earth) hide the real reason for GMO’s.
GMO’s have been made to change our DNA. GM food and GMO’s are ultimately a depopulation agenda designed to make us ill and slow-kill us as a race.
3. Males should never, never wear gold jewellery
From wearing gold as jewellery its micro-fine particles find a way through the skin’s pores and into the bloodstream during sweating. These gold particles cannot find a way out so over time through frequent long-term wearing they build up inside the body as a toxic poison causing organ damage.
Women are safe because the gold particles are removed with their menstrual period.
-Heavy metal toxicity has been known to occur through aluminium poisoning due to frequent long-term use of aluminium utensils, foil wrappers and containers, vaccines…
Mercury present in foods like tuna fish is also poisonous and is a health threat and vaccinations which have been linked to autism… Lead poisoning is another to watch out from sources such as that in water contamination through lead pipes…
-I chose to feature gold because it’s not so well known as a poisonous source through wearing jewellery.
Body detoxifications to remove heavy metals exist for example in the form of chelation therapy.
4. More and more men and women are experiencing baldness
There are a number of reasons for increasing baldness. Corporations such as Bayer and Monsanto have treated plants with growth hormone additives to promote faster growth rates for more efficient production. The growth hormone additive in these plants causes baldness to those consuming them as a side affect, hence the reason why more men and women are going bald at a younger age.
-Another reason for choosing organic food since it doesn’t have this additive.
A number of corporations have gained greatly through this side affect. Baldness treatment has ramped up Big Pharma’s billion-dollar profits through increased hair-loss pharmaceuticals.
Giant corporations by the way have known for some time that there IS a cure for baldness but it has been suppressed because if it were ever found out then they would stand to lose huge revenues through cured customers no longer needing hair-loss pharmaceuticals…
5. Humans have more than 5 senses
Normally we associate our existence with 5 senses. But, in fact, there are literally dozens of other senses never attributed to humans because they are beyond our normal detection range.
This includes a number of sensory receptors such as those in the oesophagus (food gullet), urinary bladder, pharynx mucosa (compartments in head and neck)… Receptors for blood vessels, abdominal gas distension and chemoreceptors for monitoring bodily changes in carbon dioxide…
-All of which a healthy balance is needed to maintain optimum function.
6. Tattoos, body piercing and cosmetic surgery pose as major health threats
Tattoos, when advertised, are made to look cool. However, besides the viewpoint that tattoos are hideous or grotesque to some observers, regarding them as a decimation of the ‘body temple,’ they are a health threat.
The tattoo ink when injected into the body finds its way under the skin which can then disrupt the body’s senses (see 5 above) and cause health problems as a result.
As with tattoos, body piercing and plastic surgery such as a boob job has the affect of altering the body’s natural energetic vibrations… causing imbalances in the affected person.
7. Humans are the only species that knowingly poison themselves
Unlike animals, humans indeed have full knowledge that they are poisoning themselves like for example when they smoke, eat junk foods and take drugs…
8. Fluoride in dentistry and water
The dangers of fluoride have been well documented in recent times. Particularly in that fluoride produces counterproductive effects when used as toothpaste to treat teeth and has been shown by the Environmental protection Agency to be a metabolic poison.
What’s not so well known about fluoride is that it calcifies the pineal gland the body’s third eye.
This is the real reason why the powers that shouldn’t be are using it on the human race; to suppress and stop us from awakening… Fluoride also makes us more dumb and docile.
Other forms of environmental health threats not already mentioned include bio-warfare weapons, weather modifications such as those toxic chemtrails in chemtrails or geo-engineering, radiation sources like that from Fukushima and microwaves… Then there are fake diseases for using harmful drugs like vaccines on us… along with other harmful body poisoning, brain scrambling pharmaceuticals.
-Will the masses ever wake up and realize how they’re being subjected to this foul play?
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