8 Reasons To Be The Healthier Changes You Want To See For Yourself!

-By Paul A. Philips

Healthier changes are great opportunities if you haven’t got a spartan-strict regime for a healthy lifestyle. Consider the following 8 reasons to be the healthier changes you want to see for yourself!

Whether you’ve kept, broken or hadn’t made any resolutions, how about taking a stand for the possibility of living a healthy lifestyle starting from now?
I’m sure you can do it!
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Choose diet/nutrition - for healthier changes

1. Eat more raw food
How about this for starting to make healthier changes? A higher percentage of raw food in the diet will have a greater nutritional value than cooked or micro waved food. That’s because the vitamins and enzymes present in the raw food essential for metabolic function, health and vitality, will not be significantly denatured; not having their molecules misshapen and rendered metabolically ineffective through the spoils of high-heat cooking or micro-waving. Micro-waves also denature the vitamins and enzymes through toxic irradiation.
Besides greater health and vitality raw food with its higher effective vitamin and enzyme content also contributes to disease prevention and anti-aging… So if you haven’t already, how about a salad a day?!
2. Chose more organic food
Raw organic food has a higher nutrition value because the vitamins and enzymes have not been denatured by herbicides, fungicides and herbicides present like the non-organic or GM options.
These 2 options with their toxicity and as with GM food having a lack of research on the long-term health effects have the potential to cause ill health through nervous, hormonal, behavioural disruptions and disease.
3. Drink more water
Sadly, for many, the idea of drinking plenty of good clean water daily for making healthier changes is unthinkable or even unachievable: Bombarded with so many different unhealthy drink options many fall into the trap of drinking these habitually, while water is considered a bland choice.
But the habit of choosing water, the healthiest drink of all, has multiple health benefits.
4. …and what about losing weight?
Yes I know it’s a popular one at this time of year. -A couple of things to consider. Indeed there are many dietary plans/suggestions out there but 2 important things that many leave out are:
Eating to your nutritional typing
Everyone knows that as part of a balanced diet we need to eat carbohydrates, fats and proteins. However, because people’s metabolic activities are different to each other, some need more of one of these nutrients in their daily requirements than the others. For example, a ‘protein type’ needs to eat more proteins in their diet than carbohydrates or fats.
From the point of view of losing weight, you can eat more food containing the nutrient to which you are the nutritional type to. For example, a protein type can eat more proteins within reason and not put on weight… -Indeed this is something well worth looking up.
Hormonal balance
Another one to consider is your hormonal balance. Your diet choices, hormonal balance and ability to lose weight are all linked.
5. Do more exercise
Maybe to get the best out of this make a daily list of individual exercises to obligate to. Indeed, as you keep to the schedule the more it reinforces the likelihood of you sticking to the routine…
Remember to only do what’s within your exercise capability. Notices the changes in you after a while for having chosen the routine: Health and vitality here we come!
6. Monitor your thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitude…
Remember, your thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitude… that is, where you’re consciously at has quite a significant effect on your life. Monitor these things; avoid staying on the negative for a healthy approach to life in mind and spirit as well as body.
7. Meditate
Meditating for 15 minutes a day has been shown after a while to have a number of health benefits. This includes, increased feeling of wellbeing, clearer thinking and feeling less stressed throughout the day, high blood pressure lowered and be at greater cause and effect in life. I can certainly vouch for these benefits from my own experience.
8. Avoid environmental toxicity wherever possible
Be it from chemicals, junk food, GMO’s, an accumulation of food additives, radiation sources, low-frequency electromagnetic waves, heavy metals and x-rays.., we’re constantly bombarded with these toxins.
Educate yourself on how to avoid these toxins wherever possible.
Summary and conclusion
Watch the differences in yourself after you have made the above health changes. Do it slowly, simply and on an increasingly steady gradient.
Forget about those saving plans, stocks and shares for a moment: The greatest investment is in your health!


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