10 Garlic Health Benefits

-By Paul A. Philips
10 Garlic Health Benefits - INewParadigm

The answer to so many health problems lies in the kitchen in the form of “stinking rose” otherwise known as garlic (Allium sativum in botanical terms). Garlic health benefits have been known as far back as ancient Egypt where it was revered for improving conditions while contributing to optimum health.


Are you making garlic a part of your dietary staple of herbs and spices?


Not an exhaustive list but do take look a look at the following.

Here here are just 10 garlic health benefits!

1. Improves and maintains cardiovascular function
For lowering blood pressure, bad cholesterol and protection against inflammation of blood vessels, atherosclerosis (plaque build-up) and oxidation (thus keeping the heart attacks away…)crushed raw garlic is the solution. -Crushed or chewed garlic releases allicin containing the beneficial sulphur compounds (even if it does give bad breath!).
2. It allows more oxygen to the organs
As a follow on from 1 this happens because of lowered blood pressure allowing delivering more oxygen to the lungs which further promotes good health.
3. Helps beat cancer
Described as the ‘missing link’ a number of studies have been done to show how garlic contributes to preventing cancer. A group of Chinese researchers in collaboration with the NCI (National Cancer Institute) studied the effects of high levels of allium-containing veggies such as garlic on reducing precancerous gastric lesions.
The results..? Using 3,000 humans for 7 years cancer was cut by a whopping great 60%!
Further it was found that compounds alliinase and S-ethyl-L-cysteine sulphoxide found in garlic had the effect of completely stopping tumour growths in mice compared to controls (without treatment) who died within around 2 years…. This is significant for humans since about 99% of our DNA is the same as mice…
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4. Gives rise to greater bone strength
Garlic contains a number of nutrients; vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese and zinc… essential for bone building by contributing to efficient calcium absorption. It also contributes to the formation of other connective tissues.
5. Acne prevention
Due to its anti-microbial properties garlic oil can help soothe irritated or blemished skin and destroy the microorganisms responsible for acne…
6. Hair growth
Garlic oil also helps with hair growth by contributing to the formation of the protein keratin present in hair. It also helps with the structural formation of hair.
7. Detoxifies heavy metals
By the process of chelation therapy garlic has been used to remove dangerous toxic heavy metals accumulated in the body (brain, kidneys bone and liver… etc) such as cadmium, arsenic and mercury…
8. Powerful Antioxidant
Here’s another 1 of the 10 garlic health benefits worth paying heed to. On behalf of white blood cell bullet-proof immune system building for disease prevention/reversal and excellent overall health garlic is your man!
9. Garlic may be effective in diabetes prevention
Research has shown that turmeric, cinnamon and ginger when used frequently and long term may prevent/reverse diabetes. Having said all that, the biomedical science department at the King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia claim that garlic is the most effective…
10. Prevents ageing
With all the above properties in the frequent long-term food or medicine garlic does indeed reduce the ageing process considerably.
Three cheers for garlic health benefits!
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